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A cutie, for sure, Liv. Enjoy that lots of cooking for your mom. Enjoy Lettie too.


Wow! That's one lucky little girl. Happy Birthday Olive!


Hi Olive and Grandma ~~ Thank you so much for those beautiful photos with the new kitchen. I love your spotted dress Olive.

Thank you Joy for your comments. I am trying to stay positive and not worry about the lungs and impending heart failure.We all have to die of something. In one's sleep would be good.
Take great care dear friend, Love, Merle.


How sweet, and fun pictures! Can the next TV or Internet cooking show be far behind ... 'cause the Chef is appropriately dressed and appears ready to take over. Need to hear her verbal "patter" or will we need a translator?


How can time go by so quickly. It was just yesterday, we were all waiting for Olivia's birth. Wonderful photos and Happy Second Birthday.

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