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Tara R.

Welcome to the world sweet Violet! Congrats to her mom and dad, and whole family.


I am so excited. Yay Jory! Yay Violet!


Congratulations! Now you have four grandkids, just like me!


She is so adorable, I'm thrilled for all of you. (Now when are you going to visit...?)

Isabel Ahlgren

Welcome, sweet Violet of the Garden Markham! You couldn't have a better welcoming committee. We all hope to see more pix of you and your big sister together soon.


Nothing like a new grandchild to brighten your day. I hope you get to see her soon. And till then, hope you get many many pictures.

Congratulations to Olive and the rest of Violet's family as well.


Congratulations and best wishes to Baby Violet (What a sweet name)..

Mommy,Daddy and big sister,Olive, must be so happy.

Not to mention Granny,who I'm sure is over the Moon...


That's lovely news! Congratulations Joy! You are one lucky Nana! Beautiful little girl and a beautiful name!

Cop Car

Hearty congratulations to Jory, Jess, and Joy.

(I'm sure that Violet was named after my mother. No?)

I am so happy for your whole family!


Yay. Congratulations all.


Congrats, Grandma and all! What wonderful pictures and "Big Sister's" facial expressions are precious.

Didn't want to wake you! What's wrong with that girl? ;-)

Kay Dennison

Congrats, Granny!!!!! Love the photos!!!! Both Jory and dad have to be soooooooooo proud!!!!!

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