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Tara R.

That is brilliant. It's cool that the bird built it against the window. I hope you can see inside the nest from the other side of the glass.


It's like they had this project and they talked it over and decided what they wanted and how to proceed. Incredible!
Looks cozy, too, for the little nestlings to come!


I have to compliment the Mama Birdie for her attention to detail in making a secure nest for the new babies.

Also, I am happy that the "Baby Daddy" is there for love and support.

I guess I won't be seeing him on the Maury Show getting the results of the DNA test.....


This is just incredible, isn't it! Whoever gave the term "birdbrain" a negative connotation should have to see if they could build this nest without hands.

absolutely amazing And so wonderful to get the pictures!


what species of bird is it?

Michael Maloney

I have a question: does anyone know the species of the bird that builds these nests? (In exchange for the answer to this question, I can send you an interesting story.) Thanks, Mike Maloney

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