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I'm glad you're on the mend. It's not good having body problems. I love the pics.


Look at Bastian now -- I remember when they got the first puppy and everyone was a little worried because he was uncomfortable around dogs. Awesome!

Everyone looks fabulous. I'm glad you had a good visit and that you're feeling a bit better.

Tara R.

So sorry about your troubles, but am glad you're feeling better. I hope you continue on the mend.

it was good to see you pop up in my Reader. Sounds like you've been wonderfully busy while you were away.


So glad you are back. Your family is loving and thriving too.
That little girl Olive is so cute. I love that age when they are running around and talking but not yet self conscious. I myself am so pleased to have a new granddaughter to enjoy through all her phases of babyhood and toddlerhood.
And glad you are feeling better. I find I can still eat,drink and be merry but only in moderation!


Dear Joy ~~ Lovely to see you back and I hope feeling much better- and so busy with your family. I love the photos - you did very well. Olive is a real cutie and Bella and Bastion have both grown so much.
I hope you get some more relief from the heat my friend. It isn't cool here, it is damn cold.
I am doing quite well Joy, thank you. Take great care.
Love, Merle.


H Joy,

I am so happy you are back. The pictures are great.

I loved seeing your kids and their kids. What could be better?

I'm happy that you included the pictures of Bastian and Bella even though you didn't get to see them this time. I can't believe how they have grown. Bigger and more beautiful.

Olive is a treasure. I love that she and her Mom had matching dresses for the wedding. That was too cute.

Glad you're back, kiddo......

Olive Markman

Gramma! You're posting again! I sure miss you. I ask about you every day, even if I don't speak once I talk Mommy into calling you. I love you!


Hi Joy, good to see you back, great photos of the family.

Thanks for the catch up. Keep on eating properly. It couldn't hurt.

And thanks for the pictures. The children are all adorable.

Nice to see you blogging again.


Great to hear from you and glad you are feeling better. I too have been a slacker and not blog posted enough recently. I had the bad flu, cold whatever virus but am all well now.
What a beautiful family.


Cop Car

Gee, Joy, it is a good thing that you stopped by my blog as I had gotten out of the habit, not only of putting in my laps at the pool, but in stopping by your blog.

Boy! When you pulled the plug, you let it all pour out. (That is a GOOD thing!)

Thanks for catching us up and for the wonderful family photos.


Welcome back! The grandkids look as beautiful as ever and I can only imagine what age at time you had with them.


Glad to see you're back among the livin' here in the blogosphere. Enjoyed the pictures -- especially that red-headed guy!

Also, glad you've received some intervention for those medical issues. If chiro. isn't satisfactory you might want to check out a good physical therapy regimen, possibly some ultra sound or other type treatments as well as exercises they might recommend. A friend does a lot of swimming pool therapeutic exercises which benefit her. You've probably long ago considered or experienced all these alternatives. Bottom line, hope you feel better.

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