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Kay Dennison

Awwwwwwwww shucks!!!! But I do understand -- sometimes a body just needs to rest a bit!!! Take care!!!! Hugsssssssssss!!!!!


Enjoy your break. I'll check in from time to time.

Tara R.

You will be missed, but I totally understand you wanting to take a break. We'll be right here when you return.


Enjoy your break xx


I know well feeling the need to take a break, even entertaining the thought of permanently shutting down the blog, but glad to hear you'll be back with us -- eventually. Take your time and pleasure in time off.


Hey, girl, don't be gone long--How will we all manage without our at least weekly dose of your joy? And the new baby sister/brother on the way, and, and..But enjoy your break, makeit short, and know that all our love surrounds you.

Enjoy your break.

Cop Car

Do what makes you sing. I'll be hangin' around for your return.


Just found your blog! Will be waiting for your return. Enjoy your break!

June Kellum


Hope you do come back!

I know how you feel, or think so, anyway, because I'm also getting a bit weary of blogging. It's become an obligation(or feels like it) to keep up-and do a blog ALMOST every day...and I feel guilty if I'm not able to! LOL! I have also fallen behind in keeping up with everyone...and that makes me sad.
Anyway, hope you enjoy your time away...but hope you will come back! And hope I'm still around, too!



Grammy E

Enjoy your time. I think it is something in the air. Nothing to write about or time to think. I am at loss for words my self.


I totally understand and have been easing up on blogging for quite sometime now and may stop completely.

Your optimistic and cheerful presence will be missed, but take as long as you need and re-charge your batteries.


HUgssssssss, sis! I understand. I'm very hit or miss these days and the last 60 days it's been mostly miss. I hope you choose to return, but only if and when you are ready. I like Cop Car's what makes you sing!

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