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Tara R.

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday celebration.

I hope you're feeling more 'yourself' soon. That can be very disconcerting.


Sounds like you've been having a most enjoyable birthday celebration.

I remember years ago my folks had a jar full of pennies we'd drag out and distribute for fun games of penny ante, but we didn't keep our winnings -- back in the jar they went for next time.

I found the variety of topics in this post quite intriguing -- wondering if this is a reflection of your being "a little off" right now?

Coincidentally, I'm feeling the same way and have been struggling with limited success finding the best descriptive words for whatever is going on.
Has nothing to do with the topic Maxine introduces. BUT... Maxine sure knows the words to explain what she has to say! She is serious, isn't she??? I tried unsuccessfully to not laugh.

Average Jane

A belated Happy Birthday to you!


I completely missed your birthday. Sounds like it was a good one. Many happy, belated, returns Joy. xx


Happy Belated Birthday. I may be late, but my wish holds just as much love. Honest! Love, health, wealth and happiness to one of the sweetest pals I have. xo

Cop Car

Joy--Hope you are "yourself", again - whoever she is!
That Maxine is certainly a naughty one. I can hardly contain my huffing!
Cop Car


Dearest Joy ~ Happy Birthday and I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for your lovely comment and the many you left on Peter's updates. It is great to be home, but I need some serious stamina, which will come with the exercises and physio. Thank you so much for all your concern and caring dear friend. 47 days is a long time - I missed
Christmas and New Year. Thank you again dear friend - I really appreciated your messages.
Much love dear Joy, Merle.

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