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I'm sorry you won't be able to celebrate with your whole family, Joy. But the travel thing at the holidays is a hassle.
I'm a little concerned about our travel plans for the holidays, because we have to go through O'Hare. Just hope we don't encounter one of those megasnowstorms.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Kay Dennison

Good stuff!!!!


I love "Pass the Gravy!"

Cop Car

Joy--Undoubtedly, you will have a great time with just the three of you - especially knowing that the girls are together. There are times when we must meter what we do. Good luck in getting everyone together when all of the stars alig, again!
Cop Car

Alan G

Whatever the family situation, have a great Thanksgiving Joy! I've decided to pass on the traditional dinner at my sister's home this year myself avoiding the calamity and mayhem. It will just be me and my Cornish Hen this year...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Sometimes a small holiday dinner is a good thing. Enjoy


Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas Joy.
I just went to copy "Pas the Gravy" to my "Bloggers Poetry File" but found I already had it (and LOTS more)there.

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