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That's the kind of confusion I had about my internet going out. THERE WAS NO BAD WEATHER! lol

Comed is having some serious issues.

Cop Car

Joy--Sorry about your hickup. Let us know if you ever learn the "identity" the "culprit".
One thing that I was surprised to learn the last time our power went out is that our local electrical company wants everyone to report power outages. I had assumed that they would get tired of answering the telephone only to have another customer tell the "power is out"; but, their take on it is that the multitude of calls helps them to understand the extent of the problem. Somehow, I had thought that their network of sensors would give them that feedback.
Cop Car


Hi Joy, glad your power outage (is that a real word?) was only short term.
On a different subject, can you get onto Judy's site? I'm blocked out with a warning about it being an attack page?????


Cop Cat's comment is interesting. I figured if they heard from one, they could tell from their grids, or whatever, who all was without power. It is amazing how dependent we are on electricity, isn't it.

Glad you weren't in the dark too long.

Alan G

I wish I couldn't relate to your post but unfortunately that is not the case. Electricity, or rather the lack of it, does seem to raise it's ugly head around here also from time to time. Usually there is an obvious reason but not always.

Some years back I had to go stay with my sister for over a week and more recently for about two days due to downed power lines.

July and August were extremely hot here with temperatures at or over 100 degress most of both months. The underlying thoughts about losing electicity become quite stressful. In Little Rock a transformer overheated at one of their substations and blew leaving several hundred people without power for right at a week during that intense heat.

For me, it seems the worst part of losing power is not being able to get a clue as to when it might come back on. As you eluded to, is it going to be fifteen minutes or fifteen days...?

Cop Car

Alan G et al--You may not have the same capability that we have; but, when our power goes out, IF we can get online (we couldn't but others may be able to do so), we can go to our county emergency management website to access power outage information. On the energy outage page is posted this info with links (I've not bothered embedding the links since they would do no good outside Sedgwick County KS):

"View a map of outages

"Return to the Outage Information page

"Is your phone number current? By keeping the information on your account current, you help Westar Energy pinpoint your location. Update your account now.

"To report an outage, login here or call 1-800-LIGHT-KS (1-800-544-4857). Our online service or automated reporting line is the most efficient way to report your outage. Please don't assume that we know your electricity is out."

Note that last sentence!


Well, hope you have flashlights with extra batteries, candles or whatever you use, always on hand. Power out with the temps high is no fun, so stay cool.

Sometimes I've wondered if it would be wise to have a backup generator -- maybe one that is solar energized plus whatever the other energy source is.

I got the same "Attack" message trying to go to Driftwood Inspiration. Not sure what would be best to do about it.


CORRECTION: Driftwood Inspiration blog is fine! I erred. My "attack" warning was for "Imagine..." too.


Hi Dear Joy ~~ I am so sorry you had a power outage and glad it wasn't for too long. I have torches everywhere and a couple of battery lanterns for such times.
Thanks for your comments about my many visitors. My 80 ear old male cousin says he only comes for the lollies as I always have some about. I doubt he really meant that though seeing as he and his wife visited for lunch which they brought with them.
I hope you have a wonderful week-end too Joy.Much love, Merle.


Ooh, I hate power outages, though not as much as water outages. And you're right - nature's been getting away with murder lately. Hope all is working "currently."

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