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Cop Car

Happy blogiversary, Joy, and more to come (of course!)

It is good to read the "answers". It tells me that the quotes that I did not recognize are from movies that I have never seen. Whew!

Cop Car

Kay Dennison

Happy Blogoversary!!! Siv years? I forgot that we were rookies together but not that you and I have been friends for what seems like an eon!!! Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara R.

Congratulations on six years, hope to be reading you for years to come.


Happy sixth anniversary. For me, it means six years of reading the post of a most talented,creative, and simply fun woman. Keep blogging and I will keep reading!


Congratulations Joy!!!
that's a fine collection of movie quotes too - my partner and I enjoy a few of those as common parlance.
We also like, from Animal House, "That was the president, he was damn glad to meet you."


Happy belated Blogisversary, Joy. I hope I can stick it out for six years, but it's not looking too hopeful.

I have really enjoyed meeting you and your family through this blog. Making new friends is the best part about blogging and you are a special one that I am so glad I met.


Happy blogiversary Joy. It's been a pleasure, and I hope you stick around for years to come too.

Alan G

You were on my mind this morning so I thought it had been long enough and I should drop by for a visit. It must have been an omen!

Here you are having made it with the same blog for six years and I, at best, start one and shut one down every six months!! :)

As to keeping up with the old body and house, they seem to both work in conjunction with the other at my place. I sometimes get really frustrated because I just can't do some of the things I use to do and then when I look for someone to assist, I'm never happy with the job they did.

Happy Anniversary Dear!!



Happy Anniversary,Joy!

I am so happy that I found your site about 4 years ago.

I have enjoyed meeting you and your children and now grandchildren.

You have a wonderful family and have one of the best blogs of all.

You are full of love and poetry and fun and wisdom.

Hope I am still reading you in years to come.


Wow that's a lot of years. Blog years go so fast, don't they?
After looking at the movie quiz answers, I remembered a few more of them.


Happy 'versy! I think remembering these are kinda like birthdays -- after so many years they become sorta routine and we just forget them -- our age and our blogoversary.

Oh gee! Don't mention upkeep for this 'ol house. I've gotta get so much done on this interior, but need to do some other organization before I can even get to that. Gotta get motivated for this and that's the rub. What do you suggest?


Only six!? It seems like I've known (and enjoyed) you forever! I hope there will be a lot of years to come for your blog, and for our friendship.

I am totally in line with you once again on the subject of repairs. Dear Husband will put them off until I'm ready to explode. I will be arranging for some things to be done in September and October because we simply can't wait any longer. Good luck with the plumbing!

P.S. Does your family, like mine, mourn that one of the girls couldn't have married a plumber or become one?? *G*


Sorry I'm so late getting here. Happy Blogiversary and I wish you many more!!


Dear Joy ~~ A very Happy sixth blogoversary -- mine will be 6 years in December. You have done well and are very well loved as are your wonderful family. It has been a real privilege to call you a dear friend dear Joy. Keep on blogging
for many years to come. Much love, Merle.

Happy Blogaversary!! I just passed six years a couple of months ago. And I think the only reason I remembered was that it was listed on my calendar. My host is thinking of giving up his blog license, and that will leave me out in the cold. I don't know what I'll do if he does that.

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