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Oh sweet Olive.
What a cutie pie you are with those great big eyes. And you at a grown up event like Blogher

Way to go girl

Elizabeth Michel

Joy, Olive did pretty well at the big event today. She was just one of MANY babies there. She took her nap in the hotel room and let Jesse have a nap too. Then she got through another few hours of expo hall and a presentation in a good mood until she crumped and started wailing at the cocktail party. Now she's fast asleep here, and Jesse is praying she'll stay that way until tomorrow!

Arnie and I will share some photos after they've gone.



Scroll down a ways and you'll see TW with Olive -- look at that halo over her head. Is that not perfect for her or what?

I have video too - ask Joe to help you find it, I sent the link to him on Facebook. :-)

Kay Dennison

She is absolutely adorable!!!!


Well Jory may be a kingpin at BlogHer, but I'll just bet Olive was the star. How can she lose?
We're all grateful for your sharing your family with us.


Dear Joy,

Beautiful pictures reflecting beautiful times with your family!

Tara R.

I bet she is a conference darling. I hated to miss this year's confab. I had such a great time when I participated in Chicago. Maybe next year.


What a cutie!! I've read a few blogger's posts about the conference and it sure makes me wish I could be there.


Hi Joy, I just caught up with your posts, you certainly hit the jackpot with your "J" family great photos, Stay well.


Olive may be just a baby but she looks smart and sophisticated and up to life's challenges.
I hope Blog Her is going well.


Dear Joy ~~ Beautiful Olive and I enjoyed seeing all the pics with Bella and Bastion and Olive. Nice to see them all together and having fun. I am sorry you have had so much rain, and so many storms lately and the power outage. And this is summer !!! I hope you get some warm and dry weather. I am very blessed with my family and do appreciate them all. Take care dear friend.Much love, Merle.

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