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Kay Dennison

Jory is brilliant and Olive is darling!!!!!


So proud of our girls! This might just be the first of many guest appearances for Olive.

I'd say her screen test shows that she's ready for the camera already!

very nice - Olive conducted a great interview!
You should be very proud

I worked for J&J for 17 years, but didn't recognize their speaker.


I kwas unable to see the video. Darn it. The photo however, is very cute. I know how proud you must be of Jory and Olive.


Now I have seen both of the "twins" in action. You have to be beyond proud, Joy!


Is your head four sizes larger now, Joy. How proud you must be, and justifiably so. Olive is such a darling and her mom isn't bad either. ;-)


Oh Joy, you must be sooooo very proud. Olive is precious and this can go in her baby book for sure.


Jory did a great job, and so did Olive. They're both naturals.


I thought Olive made some interesting points, especially when you consider the other two individuals didn't verbally engage her. It's hard to get a word in edgewise, sometimes, but I'll bet she keeps trying!

Junie Rose

:) I liked that!!

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