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Kay Dennison

What darlings!!!!!!!!


and I missed it, wahhhhhhhhhhhh

(Look at those legs on Bella. How did she get so tall???)


As I've said before, I love the red hair. That's about the shade mine was when I was a girl.

Cop Car

Joy--What great photos - thanks for sharing! Now, about your serious sexism, why would you thank God and abjure Mother Nature. *laughing*
Cop Car

Tara R.

What wonderful photos of your visit. So glad you all were able to get together, despite Ma Nature's hissy fit, and have some fun.

Elizabeth Michel

Hi Joy, Arnie and I love the photos! Thanks for posting them. We'll get some of our own next week while I'm enjoying being Olive's other grandma.




They say a picture is worth a thousand words...well there is a whole sweet novel in all these lovely photos. The kids are absolutely precious and the happiness just radiates out from the pictures. This is how I feel around my grandchildren too. We are very lucky, aren't we, Joy? Big hugs. xxoo


love the pics! they grow SO FAST! i'm sure you must have had a blast with them. :)

What wonderful pictures. They help bring memories back into your mind. And they are all so cute. We have a sister and brother in our family who are redheads too. The parents are both blonde. And I often wondered if they had another child if it would be another red head.


I can't believe how fast those babies are growing! I remember when Bella was tiny and Bastian was new to the world. And look at Miss Olive! Thanks for sharing these precious babes with us.


I loved this, and the photos. Thanks.


Dear Joy ~~ What a great lot of photos of your grandchildren. They sure do grow up fast. I loved Olive's post when you were battling Mother Nature. Glad you didn't lose power this last time. It is supposed to be summer over there and has been hot, but with rain and storms.
I was relieved after seeing the heart doctor and waiting 3 months.
So we will see what happens then.
Take great care dear friend,
Much Love, Merle.


You really have very photogenic grandchildren. I would love to have them visit.

I think I heard the laughter when they were at your house.

The weather is uncooperative all over. We just have to do the best we can.


I heard about the crazy weather. Glad you survived and had such fun with family -- cute kids and great pictures.

I just discovered link that BlogHer'11 in San Diego starting yesterday. I really blew it, as could have made plans to attend, but have to see patients again tomorrow. Might have found something of interest to an elderblogger.

Junie Rose

Oh Joy! I love looking at all your pictures.Your babies are all beautiful! (you grown-ups are too!!)

I know you loved having them all there together!

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