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Ah well, such is life.


Dear Joy ~~ The big mistake you (and I) make is to sit down at that darn computer. Try to do a few jobs first- that works for me sometimes.
Your poem is great by the way.
I am so glad you had a full physical check-up at your doctor and got good reports.Well done Joy
I am doing OK and hoping that Peter will get down this week from Q'ld. He is hoping to fly down, hire a car, meet up with his daughter and she will drive him up to Shepparton to see me.
But a lot of timetables are cancelled at the airports in Melb.
Sydney, and Adelaide where Vicki will fly from. All because of volcanic ash from Chile. Anyway, I am still hoping. His son Marcus
will turn 50 next week. Take care
dear friend. Much Love, Merle.


I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one that does this. Sometimes I get soooooo mad at myself....but then do a "Scarlet" and say, well, "tomorrow's another day!". LOL. Bless you Joy and big hugs.

Cop Car

The last phot is of me, regressed by about 73 years. Cute!

Grammy E

You have to do what makes you happy. There is no one who tells us we have to clean the house. We did our time when the kids were little. And now we are retired. We do not need to rush around and make any thing perfect any more. Maybe when company comes. But do what makes you happy. E A fellow ignore the house friend. :)


You're not alone, and I love the baby photos. Very cute.


I can certainly identify with the wasted days syndrome. Privately, I've relished wasting them after I jettisoned the hectic patterns I set for myself after my husband's death. Perhaps it's time to waste less and the day will come when I'll regret not having made better use of my time when I more easily could.


Once again, we are twins! You just described some of my days, the ones that frustrate me, and leave me feeling lacking in control. I love my computer, but it's the kiss of death to sit at it. So much time flies by that I don't get things done that NEED to be done. Like you, I have lists of things to do. And, like you, things get re-arranged once I sit at the computer. I could understand the addiction if it felt good, but I'm always happier when I finish the chores, finish a quilt, get the cleaning done, or accomplish something else from my list. If you find the solution, PLEASE let me know! *G*

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