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Your not alone Joy!

Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Two and A Half Men ( I think it will be better now that Charlie is gone) he became his part or visea versa.
Brothers and Sisters

Plus a lot of the same ones you like.


I'm probably nearly as bad, although some fall by the wayside if I'm not as into them because I just don't have the time. I must catch up on Mad Men and Dexter though, oh, and Nurse Jackie. And, psst, I've been watching Frasier. I never watched it when it was on the telly so am catching up with it now. I think it's one of the best sitcoms I've ever seen.


I'm one of those obnoxious people who don't watch TV. But I'm pretty hooked on the Internet.
I have a piece of advice that could actually help: Do not watch television for one or two days a week. Just going without for a couple of days could "reset" you and break the addiction. This worked for me with the Internet. I turn the tv off on Friday evening and don't turn it on until Monday a.m.
I worry that you are having mobility problems. Can you find a tai chi or gentle yoga class to help you with that?


I think there are not enough hours in the day to see all the shows I might like to watch!


oops. glad I checked back here. I meant to say that I turn off the computer, not the TV.

Tara R.

When my daughter is home, we watch Say Yes to the Dress, some of the Real Housewives shows and Gangland. She recently earned her bachelor's degree in Sociology so watching these with her, with her running commentary, is very entertaining.


Hi Joy,

I have figured out how to watch my favorite TV shows in half the time I used to take to watch them.

Now I DVR Everything! I know I am always a day late in seeing my shows but I NEVER have to see a commercial.

For instance, I love Modern Family on Wednesday night, but I never see it until Thursday when I play the DVR and Zip through the commercials. So I watch a 30 minute Modern Family in like 22 minutes.

If you add up all my time savings I can see a few more shows that I never had time for before.Like sports!

I can watch an Eagles-Bears game in real time...60 minutes. You just have to be careful of "Spoilers" like newscasts that give you the score...

Now I have to go watch one of my 29 back episodes of Judge Judy....

Grammy E

I watch Criminal Minds, and use to watch csi. I went 2 + years with no tv. only watched thing on the computer. Now I watch a bit here and there. Hubby is the rerun person. So we do not have the same view on tv. I can not watch re runs. Have a great week.
E :)

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