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Thanks for the smile. I enjoyed your conversation with your mom!
And yup, having great memories helps...

Tara R.

This was such a sweet tribute. I think about my grandparents a lot too, and what they have missed.


Yesterday was three years since I lost my dad, seems like it was just yesterday. If he's been watching the fam he hasn't been bored either. It's so hard to lose someone we loved so much. I still would rather him be in heaven than to be on earth suffering so.


Dear Joy ~~ Lovely tribute to your dear Mom. I remember when my mother died,I used to tell myself, "Don't think" and
change what I was thinking and I got through that quite well, but after about a year I really started missing her and do
even after 33 years. I was glad she missed my cancer as she would have been so worried. Not to mention the last little effort.My Physio has given me a week off, so it's fortnightly now, so she must know I do the exercises.I am glad you liked Peter's post about blogging -I liked it too.
Take great care dear friend, Love and
Hugs, Merle.

Grammy E

I am sure they are watching. :)


You put in words the feelings we all have over the loss of a loved one Joy.


Good family time heals many wounds and bad thoughts---Love Poohps


Wrong key stroke---Poohpa

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