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Cop Car

Your storm was nothing over which to chuckle (we are all thankful it wasn't another Joplin!) However, I can't think of a better way to end the week than with a septic tank chuckle. Thanks for the guffaw!


The joke.. to funny! The storm not so much, glad you were spared.


Oh Lord! The five years we lived in the Midwest in Madison in the late 60's were very settled, just a couple of near misses from tornadoes, a cold snap with temperatures almost minus 30, stuff like that.
I guess the rains have destabilized the soil so that trees are falling over.
But of course climate change is just a myth!

Tara R.

Mother Nature is a scary force to be reckoned with. I hope all the affected families recover.

Kay Dennison

Glad you're safe! And the piper story is excellent!


Dear Joy ~~ Those tornadoes must be so terrifying to go through and so much damage done. I am so glad you and the family were safe. Loved the joke. I was so glad that Peter and Vicki were able to visit and all enjoyed it. I don't think Peter would mind being called cute as I reckon he has been called worse in the past. I am still doing well with some new exercises to do and I hope Peter's face keeps improving. Thank you for caring dear friend. Love and Hugs, Merle.


I'm glad you were spared mother nature's wrath. She is punishing us in Arizona with excessive heat and no moisture. No matter where you live, mom nature is on the warpath.

I have sen the bagpipe joke before but it always makes me laugh.


Love the badpipe story.

We are glad every thing is safe and sound at your house.In Texas we know storms and what they can do.God must have his eye on you.
Stay safe and dry----Tee


Joy, No matter what the weather, you bring joy to us all. I was so grateful for your comment on my blog. Life takes over sometimes and I don't get to blog-surf as much as I used to. And so, it is so good to come by your site and read this fortunate end to a troubled weather time.
Many smiles coming your way from me ...

Grammy E

I laughed so hard. Thank you for the humor. :) We had the storm here too. I hope there is nothing else to fall. This has been a rough year. It was so hot. it was 85 inside with the ac on today. Have a wonderful week. :) E

Junie Rose

Hi Joy,

So glad you escaped the storms that came thru your area recently! Yes, the weather sure has been strange all over the past few months!

:) I loved the funny story you posted!! Thanks!

Take care!



So glad you and yours were spared by the storm Joy,like another reader said, there's no such thing as climate change!!!! Keep on Piping.

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