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Kay Dennison

Excellent!!! Thanks for the smile!

Tara R.

I need to get a T-shirt with this on it:

“Don't judge folks by their relatives.”

Thanks for the laughs.


ahahaha, I love the friends/underpants idea. How clever.


But don't you find we always return to the old comfortable underpants in a pinch? Good post, Joy!


Dear Joy ~~ What a nice lot of funnies for us - thanks for sharing.
I hope you are feeling Okay with some helpful medications.
I enjoyed all the Farmer's jokes.
I was shocked when they told me I had had 2 heart attacks AND so very glad I was in hospital and so no damage was done to my heart. It explains why I feel so weak and how long I was in bed. I am doing my exercises and hoping to get better again. Much love, dear friend, Merle.

Cop Car

Darn! I want to be judged by my relatives. They are so much nicer than am I! Thanks for the delightful listing, Joy. You are a peach!


Who is that trouble maker in the mirror?

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