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Average Jane

The same thing happened to me over the past several years, with a bonus diagnosis of asthma on top of it all. I feel your pain!


I'll refrain from saying "I'm glad it's just allergies" they can be the worst! Take care and I hope you find relief!


I developed hayfever a few years ago and then it stopped. It may or may not come back but there's always hope it will stay away. Hopefully it doesn't last forever for you!

Kay Dennison

I had you diagnosed before I got to the diagnosis! Our bodies change as we go through changes in life.

I went through a period where I had seasonal allergies and then they went away -- it was probably about the same time some of the issues in my life went away.

Grammy E

Welcome to the club.Zyrtec is what I take. Allegra was an arm and leg in cost $28 for 5 pills in 2007. now it is over the counter. And any thing with the letter D makes me shaky. With the sinus surgery I had for mold allergy. I do not need to take the meds all the time.
It is the rain causing all of this.
Wishing you well.

ps, I am mostly just writing on the emptynester blog now.


Dear Joy ~~ Sorry to hear you have allergies and hope you find the right medication to settle them down.

Thanks for your comments and I am feeling much better. I went shopping for 2 hours today, me with my walker and my carer with the trolley. We managed very well and I even made some pea and ham soup. Had some for my evening meal with toast. It was yummy.
Take care dear friend, Much Love,


When I read this my nose started running---Thank You very much

Allergies can be most annoying. I find that I have a problem when the dogwoods bloom. I don't think it's the dogwood trees, rather some nasty thing that blooms at the same time. I hope yours are under control quickly.


I used to have awful allergies when I lived in Madison,right about this time of year. Same thing in Portland. Some people get allergies in Hawaii but not me!


Oh, dear, oh, dear, Joy. Now you've scared me. I've always been a little smug because pollen doesn't seem to affect me. But you're telling me I'm not home free? At my advanced age? Pass the Kleenex, please.

Cop Car

Sorry to hear that you have one more thing up with which to put. Life can be so annoying; but, do we want to give it up? Nooooo!


I think that must be a diagnosis which I could be given. Has been a really bad year for pollens everywhere I guess. Suppose if we live long enough we can get just about everything. Hope you get some relief.


hi Joy, just catching up on some blogs and saw this post. have you ever tried a neti pot? i've had allergies my entire life and, for ME, the neti pot really does help (to flush out my sinus passages). just passing it along in case you want to try to a non-drug treatment. ;)

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