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Sounds like a wonderful time and like you, I am always afraid there will not be enough food.

Spring just seems around the corner instead of being almost half way through. We have wind morning, noon, and night. Everyone is complaining. . . not just those of us who are not so young anymore.


Your Easter sounds like it went off perfect. I wanted turkey but was too lazy to fix it. Doesn't that sound awful?? I made chicken and rice instead. It was easy and plenty of leftovers. We had a pleasant day as the weather cooperated. My granddaughter had stayed with me for 3 days and I was exhausted. (how in the world did I EVER cook, clean, be a parent to small children and WORK outside the home???) No way I could do it all now. This is why God invented menopause.


Hi Joy, my first venture into the bloglist for ages, thanks for your concern for Merle and myself and a belated Happy Easter.

Sounds like a very nice day. Glad you enjoyed it.

I've roasted 12-pound turkeys, but not in a long time.

We had dinner with the grown children, and it was very nice. Seems like we all only get together at holidays these days. Life is just so busy. We knew there'd be no leftovers, so we bought our own ham. What's left when we get tired of it will go into soups.

Have a great week!


Oh I know how it is there. Spring lasts a week followed by a broiling summer. Don't miss it, I have to say.
But it's got to be better than the winter you lived through.
Glad you had a nice Easter, at any rate.


I hesitate to tell you, but we are having a lovely spring. It is in the low 80's in the afternoon and I haven't had the furnace on for over a month. Of course, you can get even with me in another month when you are enjoying summer and I am sweltering.

When I was growing up my step-father insisted on Turkey for Thanksgiving. My family got tired of turkey after the first batch of leftovers and we switched to prime rib for Christmas. But it was traditional to have ham at Easter.

Now I have a lonesome TV dinner or a sandwich. I miss the ham and all that goes with it.

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