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As we've seen in Australia recently with floods and now with that big cyclone, most people are amazing in situations like this, and yours. That's great they helped you Joy.


What a wonderful post to read. Such wonderful kindness.

Love the photos, especially like the rabbit spashed against the tree.


The worlds weather seems to have gone crazy Joy, while Queensland is experiencing floods and cyclones, Victoria is being grilled by a heat wave, all the snow at your place.... is there anywhere NORMAL????


I'm so glad that you are home, safe, have kids nearby and that you have such kind neighbors.
It looks as if you got the brunt of the snowfall but not the ice.


Oh, my, oh, my! So glad you're OK. So glad poor Joe got some sleep. And so, so glad you have such a fabulous neighbor! Stay warm, inside and out. Cheers!


What nice neighbors you have. I am so glad they helped you.

I have a neighbor who takes my recycle and trash barrels out to the sidewalk. I deeply appreciate his thoughtfulness even though they are sometimes empty.


Dear Joy ~~ How awful to be almost snowbound. Glad your neighbor helped
you move your car. And I hope Joe was well rested for the next shift.
Glad you liked the photo os some of my family and yes I am shrinking a bit and they sure aren't. Say the specialist yesterday and have to have an ultra scan later today, just to be sure all is well and then in a month a look inside my bladder.
Yuck. Ouch etc Apart from those 2 check-ups all is well. Take care
dear friend and stay warm & safe.
Love, Merle.


Neighbors should help each other,I am sure you would help them if they needed you. Be safe-stay warm.


It is wonderful to be surrounded by king and giving people. My daughter came by last night and gave me a ride to get a few things from the store. She and hubby laughed at me as I put trash bags over my legs. The snow was over mid way to my thighs. So I did not care what any one thought. I had to walk from my front door to the street. And it worked. I stayed dry.


Hi dear you,
it's really long time ago I had the chance to comment your wonderful blog again.
You se, I have a temporary internet connection solution. I post but it grrrr takes time to read and comment my blogfriends posts.
Excuse me for this fact.
By the way, I WAS ABLE to post a photo from Chicago this afternoon.

And we will arrive at O'hare at July 2nd. Hereby warned;-)

Wow, let me not forget to comment this post:
Snowmen is wonderful. But you have lot's more snow and cold that we have in Oslo, Norway.
So, the Question is: When will the Polar Bear invade the Windy City?


Sometimes the worst weather brings out the good in people. You are lucky!! Hope your son got some sleep.

Junie Rose

Dear Joy,

I hope things are getting better by now. No way could I survive in that climate! (I'm such a wuss!)

Take care!


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