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I watched it a zillion times and laughed along with her. :-)

Grammy E

I love baby giggles. : ) I looked on your side bar. I did not know your are a big part of blog her. That is awesome.


You are absolutely right I cracked a smile!!
Lucky you to have such an adorable grand-baby.

Junie Rose

How sweet!! :)

I can see why you'd want to see that often!!



Tara R.

My favorite sound in the world is a baby laughing. It's pure music. Olive has a great laugh!


fabulous to be able to watch both mother and daughter from the sidebar!! thank you. Jory's interview is great, and what a dear little person Olive is!


Dear Joy ~~ What a wonderful video to enjoy over and over. Liv is a real sweetie and seems to be so happy so her parents are doing very well. Especially sending you that great video.
Sorry you are short of energy also Joy. Possibly the weather - ours has been so darn humid that is hard to take, I hope we both get it back soon. Yake great care dear friend. Love, Merle.


What fun. That is a happy, healthy, lusty baby: the best kind!


How could you not smile at this. Very gorgeous.


I am sitting on the couch with a Maltese on both sides of me. The three of us watched Liv together. Lucky and LuAnn were enthralled with her laughter. I think they wer remembering the twins at that age or just maybe, she sounds a little like their favorite chew toy. LOL

She is beautiful and that laugh is pure melody. I can understand why you watch the video over and over.



I just loved looking at your sweet baby,Olive.

How lucky you are to have that beautiful,happy baby and her Mom and Dad in your life.


What a beautiful baby she is and how I do love to hear them laughing!!

Roberta Smith

Thank you Joy for the laughing therapy. Love that happy baby, love that fun-filled video that warms heart, soul, and spirit.


what a cutie patootie! i can see why you'd wanna watch it a million times, Grandma. :)

Thanks so much for sharing Olive. Babies have always been my favorite people. And when they laugh, it's heartwarming. When my son was in preschool, the teachers called him, "Smiley" and said he was disruptive. He'd start to giggle about something, and the whole class would be giggling with him.
I loved it. So did they.
Again, thanks for sharing Olive. I loved it.


I've been awhile for too long! Imagine this lovely welcome back to you. She's gorgeous, and oh my, but is she going to set this world on can see it already! Congrats to you all (and to Jory, of course!). Much love!

Ed Mcgoldrick

Babies are so cute and cuddly! People can't resist their charm whenever the see videos like that. Yes, they're still toothless. But they have the power to bite one off with their laughter and smiles! Have you seen the video of sextuplets laughing at the same time? That's also one irresistable vid! :D

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