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Tara R.

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your night out with your family.

There is a Melting Pot near me, but I don't think I could talk the men folk into going there... it'd be too frou frou for boys they would say. Maybe when my daughter is home from college this summer.


I know exactly how to make a real Swiss fondue, but living here it's seldom cold enough for it to seem like a fun thing to eat.
And isn't it too bad that the Medicare extension for the older Boomers didn't go through? It would sure help a lot of people right now. I have had Medicare now for six years, and it is a comfort.


I'll wish you an early Happy Birthday and a very good meal at The Melting Pot. We have one here, but I've never been there. We had fondue in Zurich and it was wonderful!


I'm a fan of The Melting Pot! You're going to love it!

Alan G

Fonduely? Well now look who is getting clever!! :)

And indeed..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!

Ah yes, I remember it well getting to that Medicare date. I was paying gazzilions of dollars for my coverage having already retired before I reached age 65. Besides as you mentioned, I paid into it for a long time so it wasn't like I was getting a "freebie" or something.

Anyway, enjoy your night out and behave yourself. We know who to contact if we have any doubts about your behavior. LOL



Dear Joy ~~ Have a wonderful birthday my friend and enjoy your fondue meal. I must take down my cards too, it has been so busy here watching floods in Queensland and now New South Wales are copping them as well as some of Victoria. It is
depressing watching but you sort of feel like you should. I am glad you will have the relief of Medicare in another year as that should help. Hopefully you won't need to use it. Take care dear Joy Love, Merle.


Happy Birthday! And, hey, approaching Medicare age isn't half bad. I been there for 22 years, and still kicking. And I am not the reason for the national debt, either--they pretty well break even on me. Please do as well, for many more years. You start my day, over my first cup of coffee!


I'm sorry I missed your birthday! You are just a babe. I'll be 70 in September. Now that is starting to sound old, but here in Florida, one is still a youngster.

The Melting Pot is great. I've only been there once, and that was a long time ago, but it was really good.

Hope you are staying warm up there.

Cop Car

Joy--Belated good wishes for your birthday.

I'll wish a long life for you, during which you do not need to reap the benefits of Medicare. Most years, Medicare pretty much breaks even on my healthcare; but, my Medigap insurance makes out like a bandit. (I think that Hunky Husband has had one physician's appointment..maybe two...since going on Medicare 10 years ago.)


Happy Birthday, Joy. Hang in there; the next year will fly by and then you can kick those outrageous premiums out the door.

I love fondue. My Swiss friends gave me two fondue pots and I bequeathed them to my daughter. She added more pots to those and now holds a fondue party every New Year's Eve. The latest one was the highlight of my trip there.

The guys seem to enjoy it as much as the gals did. It's fun and delicious.

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