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What a nice story, kinda sad though. Older people are doing things they never dreamed they'd be doing.

Have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with your kids and grand-kids.

Kay Dennison

Lovely story and showed again what a great soul you are. I'm proud to have you as my friend.

Alan G

I have to admit, the 'cleaning lady' story wore me out! I didn't know if "we" were going to make it through the day or not! Still, I had to go take a valium when I finished reading it. lol

Hope you and your family have a great Holiday and the best to you this Holiday Season!



It's very sad when someone our age has to work that hard for a living, but she is to be commended. You got a very good present!!


And you've reminded me to pick up extra cash to gift my weekly cleaning ladies with.

We have a range of women come - and one is an older polish woman as well. She talks to TW's mom sometimes. (The younger women don't talk to anyone very much - except the prairie dogs, they all talk to the prairie dogs.)

Junie Rose


I loved your Christmas poem! (of course!!!)

And your day with the cleaning lady touched me! You're such a kind hearted one, dear Joy!

Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family!




Such a nice story. That extra money must have meant a lot to her.


I've had a few experiences with cleaners lately. You have to admire Christina's hard work ethic though. Enjoy your Christmas with all your family Joy as I'm sure you will.


Thank you for this story, even thought it made me feel sad. I, too, am sorry that an elderly woman has to work like this for a living. I doubt if many of the people she encounters are as kind as you are.
And happy holidays to you, Joy.


Dear Joy ~~ I am glad Christina could communicate and what a great gift from Jenna. Very thoughtful.
The home care ladies who come to clean for me seem to be all about
50, sorry Christina has to work so hard at her age. Great Christmas poem and I enjoyed your post about Chicago - Your Town. The floods didn't affect me at all and not many homes got flooded. The farmer's crops did
and there have been a few suicides
among those whose crops were ruined. That is so sad. I hope it hasn't been too cold for you. Enjoy your family Joy, they are great and so are you, my friend.
Love, Merle.


I loved this post, Joy. I once had a cleaning lady in for the day like you did and she began working in the kitchen first. We had a PHILCO refrigerator and she spend more than one hour with a rag wrapped in a knife cleaning the letters on the frig.

My husband came into the living room where I was and told me what she was spending so much time on and said," Thank God we don't have a Kelvinator; she'd be here for a week."

I loved Alan G's remark and will say only that I also took a Valium when that woman left....


Wmnen like Christina are few and far between. You were lucky to have her in your life, even for one day.

Now go have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Hug those babies and enjoy their parents.

Looking forward to hearing all about it after the holidays.


I hope you're ready for the rush of loved ones coming your way this week. It's the absolute best way to celebrate the holidays. Jenna was very thoughtful to send Christina your way. Both you and Christina benefitted from her generosity.

Merry Christmas, Joy!

janitorial services NYC

What a beautiful story, Joy. Left me teary-eyed. I was imagining what she looks like based on how you described her, and it's kinda sad how she works at her age. I rely on janitorial services (NYC-based) on de-cluttering my house every month, but I don't expect to see an old woman like Christina in my front door.

Anyway, the poem is really nice. My daughter loved it.

- Corie Drane

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