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Oh my. Nothing is cheap, is it. That is so maddening when that happens. I hope your little car stays unscathed from now on. I'm glad you like your car. How nice that it was a gift from your son.


I'm not a superstitious person, usually, but the time or two that I have had a new car, I have taken my key and made a very tiny scratch next to the gas tank door. Then, if someone adds a scratch, I won't be so upset. My kids laughed at me about this, but, anything to lower the stress level, is my motto.


Ugh! I've never noticed that on your car when I've come by.

But I have a scratch down the right side of my car that's been bugging me for ages. No idea when it happened but it bugs me. I should go get mine fixed - once TW has a job again, hahahaha.

We do love our Prius' don't we?

Junie Rose

Can't blame you for being upset! That's a pretty little car-and it being a gift from your son made it all the more special for you!

Hope you can avoid any more scratches!

And-YIKES-that seems like a lot of $$$ for the small job...but that's the way it is these days!!

Kay Dennison

Argh!!!!!!! I don't suppose your insurance would cover it. My Miss Ruby and I don't park near other cars if we can avoid it and I do crazy things like go to Wal-Mart at 1 AM!!!


I understand what are saying,hell I am pissed for you.If you need someone ruffed up give me a call.A baseball bat to the knees will work just fine.


I can so sympathize with you. Isn't the cost of car repair just ridiculous! I had indentations on my left front fender from two hands which I believe was caused by neighbor boys unintentionally. Didn't actually see them do it, so what can you do? Cost me $500 to repair and now as a widow, no second car or husband to run me around, so had to rent a car needed for my part time work and getting to and from the repair shop. Didn't want to submit to ins. lest they increase my rates.

Glad to hear you like your Prius. I wanted to get one the year before they took off in popularity, but my husband still living then, found it too uncomfortable for him due to back problems. Knew we'd drive it if we could take trips so I settled on an Avalon (used) which I really like. Husband said this would last me the rest of my life, so guess I'll never get my Prius since this one apparently isn't going to wear out? You think?

Thought of you when news full of the recent Discovery office craziness. Hoped you didn't have friends who had transferred there when changes in your job.

Tara R.

I got a lovely little Honda CRV as an anniversary present a few years ago. I was just as pissed the first time I found a ding in 'her' paint too.

I was sitting in a Target parking lot, just sitting in my car, getting ready to leave. A van pulled in next to me and the driver proceeded to open her car door smack into my passenger side mirror. I believed I scared her with my rather loud disapproval. Lucky for her, there was no ding.


When I first learned to drive I dinged a car as I parked. I, being very conscientious, left a note with my name, telephone number and my insurance company. That night a man called me astounded that I had done so. I think I restored his faith in human nature.

Unfortunately, not all people are that considerate. Someone made a long gash through two doors on the passenger side of my car once and I didn't have the money to have it fixed. I was not a happy camper and decided that no good deed goes unpunished.


Yep, kid, my car has a dent in it that was obviously made by someone's car door. Most people are so inconsiderate now. They drive these huge vehicles and then wonder why they take up so much room in a parking spot so its nearly impossible to get out their door without hitting the car next to them. The worse thing I ever had happen to me was when I went to visit my friend at her new apartment. When I came back out, this idiot had parked so close to me I couldn't even walk between the cars let alone open the door. My car had bucket seats and I had to get in the passenger side and crawl interesting feat for an overweight baby boomer. I was so mad I left a nasty note. It said "next time at least leave me a $$#@%@% can opener".


Funny what bugs us most sometimes. I saw quite a set-to yesterday in a restaurant parking lot between a couple and a man who had presumably dinged their car. It was in a lot with too-small spaces for the big monster cars many drive these days.


You know, I told Chris that the world would be a less stressful place if someone patented a very thin rubbery adhesive that went over the sharp edge of a car door. That way, when you opened the door and hit something, it might dent an adjacent car, but not scratch it. My guess is that people have thought of it already but the auto body shops have prevented it from getting mass produced so that they can stay busy fixing a gazillion minor paint jobs. Both of our cars have little dings that quite clearly came from parking lot carelessness. Makes me mad too lady--but in the larger scheme of things, not the worst thing that could happen in a car, right? Love ya


Dear Joy ~~ I am so sorry you have had two scrapes on your lovely car. I remember Joe giving it to you, What a generous son. Glad it is fixed, but what a lot of money for you to have to pay.
I still have Peter and Warren here which has been good for all of us as
we all live alone. I am thankful I have been feeling better and able to keep the meals up to them.
Take care, dear friend. Much Love,


I'm sorry about your car, Joy. Mine was the victim of a parking lot scrape recently, and I felt violated!!

Jacob Rodman

Yooouch!! Thank goodness for the dealership then! Another false move and I'm sure you won't just be writing a blog about the incidents. Blowing off steam may have helped you stay under control, but don't let the car control your emotions too much!

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