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Oh my, so sorry.




Bloody hell. How annoying.....

Tara R.

Your poor Prius! I can't believe someone could break your mirror and not try to make it right.


You are right?
But, after all - no real catastrophy's


After my experience with neighbor boys on bikes in our circular drive -- they've also ridden scooters and been on skates -- not always too well-balanced on any of them -- I can well imagine how a side mirror would get "accidentally" whacked. Sure sorry to hear your little blue Prius has been victimized again wherever it's parked -- driveway, street, parking lot.


Dear Joy ~~ How terrible for you so soon after the other scrapes and all
that money. I am so very sorry Joy and don't blame you one bit for being so mad and upset. Maybe the mechanic will let you off a bit easier this time. And just maybe, the villain is waiting for the courage to knock on your door.
Glad you liked the photo of the three of us and yes I am safe. The floods are starting to subside, but a friend still can't get out to go to her job. Take great care dear friend. Keep your chin up. Much love, Merle.

Elizabeth Michel

What a bummer, Joy! Arnie has had his rear-view mirror knocked off twice. The last time, he was stopped in traffic on the freeway and a motorcyclist zoomed between two lanes of cars, knocked off the mirror, and went on his merry way. The first time, Arnie wasn't even driving the car. He accidentally smashed off the mirror
while carrying a long ladder through the driveway!


Terrible. And I'm afraid that people do that kind of thing all the time. Glad it wasn't horribly expensive. But really, it should not have cost you anything.

Jory Des Jardins

Oh Ma. Amazing how people just don't do the responsible thing...I recall when that truck hit my parked car. Thank god Jess was able to throw on some sweats and run after him. We never would have been able to make anyone accountable for my destroyed suspension. But then there were the two dents on the other side from another car...Maddening, I tell you.


I still have the baseball bat

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