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Scary, isn't it? One morning, I looked in the mirror and saw my mother staring back at me. I had to call in sick and go back to bed.

Kay Dennison

I still have everything I once had but gravity has yanked things out of shape.



My thin friends are all wrinkled up. So you can't win.
And the worst thing anyone can do is yo-yo dieting.
So I'm just a big girl, so there.

Lady Sue

Thank you Joy for reminding me it's okay to laugh at myself today..Life can be too serious.
Betty..the same thing happened to me...LMAO!


I don't even recognize this cage I call my body that I am trapped in now. I have ugly brown things growing on my body and I will soon resemble a lizzard. I had hoped that my dermatologist would remove the worst of them but he just shrugs and says "They're old spots." Since he is also a plastic surgeon I think he want me to pay for the removal out of my own pocket. Dream on, Dr. Epstein.


When I was in the second grade was at 100 lbs,went to sleep and woke up I was at 201 lb. Don't know what happend but I missed the hunderds all together.

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