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Wish those sweet and lovely extensions of you a happy birthday from me too. Oh my! Remember this evening oh so many years ago just 2 days before delivery....had the weather gotten hot yet? I bet you were miserable. I had a June baby too but it wasn't that hot here yet. The one I had in September... it was in the high 80's that year in September. Hugs to all.


They are just gorgeous! I know you are so proud. (And congratulations, Mama, for giving birth and raising twins!)


Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls, Joy.

I know how proud you are of them and they deserve every bit of that pride.

Jory Des Jardins

Mom, you always give the best presents. I love this poem.


Dear Joy ~~ Beautiful poem and photos of your precious girls. I hope that Julie and Jory had a beautiful day with lots of special
joy for them both. I love Jory's
comment. You have done them proud
dear friend.
Thank you so much for your kind words about my son John. He is all right and I pray he has a break for a while at least. He has had a lot burned off, but the surgery was worse, when he went to get stitches out, Dr. had to take more for safety, then the skin tore as Dr stitched. His face felt very tight and hurt to laugh.
Defrosting freezers is not a lot of fun, and I don't bend as well as I used to, so had aching muscles next day, but I am well.
I lost a cousin last weekend to the same aneurysm that I have, so that makes one think a bit more.
Sorry this has gone on for so long, my dear friend. Love, always, Merle.


Just read it again Lady! Just like I tell everyone--you are unconditionally a mom in all the best ways. Love you, love you, love you!!!!

Annie Hall

What a beautiful poem and tribute. Happy birthday to your girls. You are a great mom Joy.

Junie Rose

Oh, Joy! Such a wonderful poem-and such beautiful daughters!

Hope their birthday was happy for each of them!




Just lovely. Happy birthday to your girls!
The pictures were great

Tara R.

Happy birthday to your beautiful girls... because no matter how old they are, they are always our babies.


Happy Birthday girls.I think your mother is very proud you. orat pics too--Poohpa


I ment great pics ,not orat pics


What a wonderful tribute to two wonderful women from their mom! You are all so lucky.


Beautiful girls and what a lovely tribute you have given them!!


I hope your gorgeous twins has a super fantastic birthday. I am late to the party, but my wishes are just as warm.

Your poem must have been the greatest gift of all. It was from the heart from a wonderful mom to her wonderful daughters.

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