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I have or had all those bad habits.It is really too bad that cigs don't have that anti-corrosion ability in human arteries!! LOL


I never smoked. (My parents did.) I'm a teetotaler. (People find that hard to beleve.)

When I realized I was sitting at the computer way too long, I did get active at the gym, but I can't get a handle on eating too much. I eat healthy, but I also love the good stuff.

I did read a statement once, though. It said, "Eat right, die anyway."

One of my best friends who did everything right...she walked, ate lots of fiber, have an extensive breast exam at a cancer center every six months since she lost her sister to that, and was diagnosed with colon cancer in September...died in June. She did everything right. Bummer.


I am through paying attention to good advice. I have always practiced moderation in all things and enjoy a Snickers bar without guilt.

Sure, I'm inactive and eat too many sweets, but nobody gets out of this world alive and I'm going to enjoy what time I have left.

Tara R.

I keep telling myself I'll start exercising again... but it's either too cold, too hot, my back/knees/feet hurt. I just need to suck it up and walk it off.


Just yesterday I thought I might start drinking Kahula while smoking chocolate cigars (yes there are chocolate flavored tobacco seegars) while sitting in front of the computer.

Being fit isn't all its cracked up to be. Being unfit is fun.

I am a firm believer in fun.


My husband and I agree: Like the shark, one must move to live. Start with gentle yoga and water aerobics. Walk a lot. Get over it about what your body looks like. Senior centers are great places to be around others who are not buff either.
Don't diet or think that weight loss or being thin are the important things to aim for.
And be good to yourself!!!



What Darlene said... I could not say it any better or any differently.....

Cop Car

I'm snickering because Darlene has, even more than I, outlived her projected life span at birth. We must be doing something right!


I say: Carpe Diem.
Don't wait until you never can do it once more;)


I also have 2 of four, and the same ones as you. I have lots of dreams of change, but they never seem to happen. Follow through is a bit of a problem, I guess. Moderation in exercise and activity is just as valid as moderation in eating and drinking.

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