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It's amazing that teeth can go back in the mouth ey? I can only imagine how you felt. JJ plays Australian Rules Football and I'm getting him into the habit of wearing a mouthguard. And guess where he's going on Friday? Yep, the dentist!

Tara R.

Fortunately, my kids inherited their dad's tough teeth... neither has had a single cavity. Both did have braces though. Both also played soccer, but I can't remember either of them wearing mouth guards.

I've not seen the tattoos for teeth, but I do have a friend who has a Steelers cap on one of his front teeth.


Congratulations on all the dental care over the years Joy.
Great jokes in your previous post!!


I have never seen tooth tattoos and I hope I never do!


My kids both had braces. It's clear that the oldest grandkid won't need them but her sister will.
What is bothering me these days are those chiclet teeth that are so white, and the proud owners constantly grinning and grinning.


That story is every mother's worst dental nightmare! I'm glad the dentist could fix it! I bet that ALL the kids on the team wore mouth guards after that game!


Dear Joy ~~ Great teeth post and I am so glad that Julie's teeth were able to go back into her mouth. It's amazing what they can do these days isn't it? Glad all the kids
have good teeth. Don't forget to floss and brush yours. Take care, Love, Merle.


I felt your pain as a mother knowing the worst had happened. I am so glad that you were able to get Julie to the dentist in time to save her teeth.

My step daughter had to wear that night head cap and the wires cut into the corners of her mouth and hurt. Poor little girl, but she has a beautiful smile now.

I only wish I had been lucky enough to wear braces when I was a child, because my crooked teeth have been the bane of my life.

Junie Rose

Oh my! What a story, Joy- and what a wonderful ending! Your girl has a beautiful smile!

NO!! I have NOT seen those' tooth tattoos" and hope I never do!! What's wrong with these people anyway- to want to do such a thing!!




I remember standing in the Dentist office with my ten year old son, Bill as the Dr. explained how he would remove two molars and move the teeth around to make room It was de juvue all over again. His explanation was exactly what I had heard when I was ten years old. Poor Bill, had inherited my gene for crooked and crowded teeth. I really felt "Mother Guilt". as irrationale as that would be in this case.

You made me think about all those dentist visits I made with my kids over the years.

Jenna Schrock

Good to hear that Julie's fine. It must have been a difficult lesson to learn, but let's hope kids would listen to their parents next time. It's amazing what doctors can do nowadays. People take their teeth for granted but it's one of the first things other people see on our face.

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