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Ah Joy. I love the the musings - comes in 2 cute containers (only a boy could say that). Priceless.

Tara R.

Thanks for the chuckle this morning, loved the comics.

I have been amazed at how dependent I've become to my laptop. I even scout out where wifi access can be found whenever I take a road trip.


I've become dependent on my computer too. I do most of my shopping, all banking and bill paying using it. I love it but it has spoiled me. I know I also spent WAY too much time in front of my computer screen. Oh least I'm doing something enjoyable.


What a fun post to read. My son is David, he has always been David. Whenever someone calls him Dave, he always quietly repeats "David." So he'll never be DVD. And speaking of David, I'm at his house with Ella the Bella.


I laughed out loud several times while reading this. You really had me going with the first one!

Cop Car

Great ones, Joy. I especially appreciated Darlene's cartoon collection that you shared with us. Let's send that baby an email!


i tried the dog food diet,but my wife made me quit.She caught me rubbing my butt acroos the carpet.


I can spell across, but would not correct it


Honesty, you just fracture me with the things you come up with! Nothing like a good belly laugh to start the day, along with a cup of coffee, of course! Keep it up! Luv ya


Hey, good blogging buddy, I'm glad you could use the cartoons. Thanks for the link.

Most of all I love your comments about computers. I plan to take a sabbatical the first half of June when I will be at my daughters. I will find out just how deep my addiction to the infernal machine is then. :-)


Dear Joy ~~I had a really good laugh at your jokes, especially the
dog food one. Really funny.
Thanks for your comments, it's always nice to hear from you dear friend. Take care and look after yourself, Much love, Merle.

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