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Such phenomenal photos!!


Wow! I think my fav is the geometrical one with the trees, it looks like painting with dripping paint. All are spectacular.


What wonderful pictures! I especially liked the one from Montana with the trees.
Thanks so much for sharing!


Stunning photos. I am going to throw my camera away. The best I have ever done was a bee in flight and it came out blurred. Rats!


These photos do make mine look like a child's scribbling in comparison to a Monet. Wow! Thanks for posting these. The sheep were quite a creative idea!

Cop Car

Wonderful, beautiful photographs, Joy. Thanks for making sure that your readers have the opportunity to enjoy them. I wish that the eagle would come teach the ones around these parts to catch starlings!


I did get some good shots of salmon spawning at Lake Tahoe. It is a wondrous sight indeed to see these red fish against green water and foliage.
I liked all these shots.

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