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I'm doing the same thing. I am a very good cook and I really love to cook.....when there is someone to cook for. For just me....not so much. I can make do with a bowl of cereal and won't have to deal with the mess of clean-up. I think I cook a meal about once a week now....sometimes less. I cook it and then have the leftovers for 2 days. LOL Of course if family comes to dinner, then we go all out.
You were a beautiful bride, you sweet little thing. Oh...those were the days weren't they. I got married 5 years prior to you.


Dear Joy ~~ Lovely photo of you and Joel. I am so glad he helped you in the early days. I didn't know a lot either, but replied on recipe books, which I still like today and I watch cooking shows on TV. Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that you enjoyed the I Believes and the Parent Poem. I had my hair cut and felt better for it.
My weekend is half over as I am about to go to bed at 11.50 Sat.night. Take care, Have a lovely weekend. Much love, Merle.


My wife knew very little about cooking when we were first married. After 40+ years we still share the duties of the kitchen.It was ojt for both of us.She lets me stay out of her way these days.She will then I will next time .I am blessed that she still puts up with me.I don't know what I would do with out her c


This post made me smile. xoxoxox.


Dear Joy,

You were a beautiful bride with a very handsome groom. I also loved the picture of the kids.

They are all so cute but I think your boy did not like the taste of whatever it was he had just eaten..He has a sweet little sour puss....


A beautiful bride like you and a handsome groom had other things on their minds other than cooking.

Tara R.

I still have a couple men folk to cook for... who LOVE to eat. My kitchen and I are still on pretty good speaking terms.

Of my two kids, it was my son, and not my daughter, who showed more than a passing interest in cooking. Now away at college and having to prepare meals herself, I get phone calls a lot from her asking things like how to bake a potato or if she doubles a recipes, does she double the cooking time.

It all makes me smile...

Cop Car

Joy--Personally, I did enough cooking before I left home to last me the rest of my life. I've threatened for the last 40 years that, the next house I built would have no kitchen. However, looking at re-sale, I always crumble. *smiling*

Unfortunately, Hunky Husband (whose sister owns a specialty bakery and used to own a deli - in St Louis), hasn't the least interest in cooking but has much interest in eating. I, myself, like to eat - but the food need not be cooked to please me! I did no cooking for myself during the 11 years that HH and I were divorced, and no cooking for myself when HH is out of town.

I understand that we are all different, but I always thought that there must be something wrong with anyone who liked to cook! *still smiling*


I know I cook a lot more now than I did when it was just me to cook for. Goodness knows what I'll be like when/if it's just me again.


I love to cook. It's recreation and relaxation to me. But I think we women can get into a double bind where we are supposed to cook hearty meals for spouses and children but not to eat ourselves, for fear of gaining weight.


the only reason i have a kitchen is that it came with the house ;}


First, I must say that you and Joel were a very handsome couple. What a beautiful bride and your daughters look like you; lucky for them.

The only cooking I did prior to getting married, was help my step-father fry chicken on Mother's Day and baking oatmeal cookies.

My husband had eaten many meals at my mother's table before we married and he thought I would be a good cook like my mother. More fool him; he was not pleasantly surprised to find out that I couldn't boil water without burning the tea kettle up. For the first few months our meals were a disaster of burned food or undercooked meat. Eventually, I caught on and did turn out some passable meals, but I was far from being a gourmet cook.

Like you, I would starve now if it weren't for the microwave.

shox R4

I hate cook, it's harm, expecially to women. I hate the oil smoke


I love to cook. Luck for me. Don loves to eat. So that works out well. And I didn't learn my cooking skills from my Mother. I think she could go a year without an onion in the house. I couldn't go a week without onions - maybe not even a day.

It's good that you like yogurt and cheese. They sustain life, you know. And maybe a bit of peanut butter too.

Have a great day!

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