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OMG that is awful! Sick pervert!


I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is so disgusting.


That is so hard to believe. I'm glad he was caught.

What a way to gain 15 minutes of fame. Just think - he'll always be remembered as "the guy who threw up on a cop" Won't his family be proud?


Yuck! That makes ME sick !!! I would have given him a fat lip and then stomped on it. (As if I were physically able to perform such a feat. :-0

Junie Rose

Yes!! The most disgusting thing I have ever heard of- well- short of murder!!



But, he does have nice teeth.

Kay Dennison

Why am I so not surprised? A lot alleged humans these days think they can do anything they want and because their parents allowed it.

Actually, Matthew is lucky. Most of the cops I know 'carry' at all times these days and Matthew would have been looking down the barrel of a .38. I hope the little ______ (insert your favorite epithet) gets prosecuted and jailed.


Honestly, society has got to figure out a way to reclaim some sense of civil behavior. I don't care how angry or drunk or incensed you are about something, there's a right way and lots of wrong ways to express yourself. Alas, their are more "Matthews" in the world than we care to know about. Aaargh!


Some mothers do make 'em.



Every day since that incident the newspapers have been full of letters berating this jerk for his actions.

I hope he goes to jail and if he does, I think he will have to leave town when he comes out.

His life won't be worth living because everyone knows who he is and they will all want to pay him back for what he did to that little girl.


Dear Joy ~~ What a rotten individual Matthew was and probably always will be. Just sickening. Poor little
11 year old girl will always relive that nasty event.
Thanks so much dear Joy for your message and sympathy for the joys of my life lately. Last one today was also very nice and will let me know after he sees the scan, but says it can be done through the groin, like a stent and we can wait up to 12 months. See what he comes up with when he writes to me. I have seen some very kind and reassuring doctors
and am so thankful for that. Don't
want to see ANY now for quite some time. Take care dear Joy and know that your Hugs and Love Help.
Love, Merle.

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The most disgusting thing I have ever heard of

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It is disgusting. I am glad he is caught

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I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is so disgusting.

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