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That is so funny. They are so sweet and innocent, aren't they.

I haven't forgotten your award. I promise I will do it.

New computer arrived. Now I need to transfer photos and files. Joy!

Kay Dennison

Gotta love the lil' ones!!!!

And I have Julie's book on my list!


Aren't grandkids the best thing? Maybe they could put some of this stuff on mp3 files so you could keep them on your computer. I have a message from my granddaughter on my answering machine in that sweet little voice and I can't bring myself to erase it. LOL
I went to see Julie's video and watched the whole thing. Joy, this is a subject that ordinarily I would not be interested in. She made it sooooo compelling, not only by the facts themselves, but the way in which she tells it. I bet she is a phenomenal teacher! I learned quite a bit in that hour. I just love her personality....Joy, isn't it wonderful to see something like this? What a woman!!! Apples don't fall far from the tree you know. Big hugs!!...


Joy: Your daughter is wonderful. Wow. You have got to be beyond proud.
I'm married to a scientist and have dealt all the time with this notion that what I do is kind of a step down from what he does. And I know all about that adulation of the geniuses (all men) like Oppenheimer and Phil Morrison, whom my mother knew in Berkeley in her Commie days. I was interested in what Julie said about different cultures or "pockets" where female scientists have more opportunities. My exchange student daughter who lived with us in the 80's for a year is Italian and is a nuclear engineer with three children who lives (now) in London and runs marathons!
That must be Florence Howe in the front row at the talk. She visited my place in Hawaii once when she was travelling with a professor friend of mine. She was 75 then so must be well into her 80's now. I recognize her by the white streak in her hair.
Sometimes I regret being stuck out in the provinces, but it is wonderful to have resources like C-Span to keep me in touch with the latest.
Thanks for this, Joy.


It's so wonderful that she tells you these things. I hope you're writing them down. They should make wonderful stories sometime in the future.

Tara R.

As a kid, I remember watching Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darnedest Things.' A show like that today would be hilarious.

(I know, I dated myself terribly with that TV confession.)


Dear Joy ~~ Out of the mouths of Babes!! My Grands are much older than yours, but they love to hear
things they said when they were young, so keep a written record Joy.It is lovely that Bastion loves his sister enough to want to marry her.I didn't like the art pics much - and much prefer a landscape with trees, water and an old building.etc
Thank you for your message and concern. The new tablets are helping and the pain has eased a
lot. I see Dr tomorrow, specialists Tuesday and Friday.
So am heartily sick of myself.
Take good care dear friend.
Much love, Merle.


Dear Joy,

Aren't kids great?!! Mine still come up with a doozie here and there even though they're now 15 and 11. My all-time favorite was when our little six-year-old boy asked, "How old do you have to be to kiss a girl?" "Oh, about 30, why do you ask?" "Cause it just looks sort of good to me."

Glad to see you're doing well. The grandkids are adorable. Love their hair. Will stop in more often. Hugs.


I've written you twice before about Julie's great book, which I have nearly worn out, and really, really enjoyed seeing and hearing her. What a treat. Thank you for raising another joy-filled gal!
(and for sharing bits of her with us)

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Gotta love the lil' ones!!!!

And I have Julie's book on my list!

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