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omigosh, I think the 7th picture down is about the meanest thing I've ever seen done. Poor little guy....he's absolutely TERRIFIED...and I don't blame him. I would be too!!! Oh well, I guess there is just no explanation for how some parents think but my guess is that it was the kid's dad that thought this would be funny. On a lighter note....I just LOVE the second many times have you felt just like that! Have a wonderful week Joy...Spring is coming!!!!

Kay Dennison

Love photos!!!! My taxes are filed and the refund on its way -- I hope!


I love these photos. If pictures or sayings come from kids you know they're going to make your day.

One advantage of being low income. I don't even have to file now. I did our taxes for years until we got audited one year. After that, it was off to H & R Block for me too.


Picture #2 is my favorite. What a darling little girl!
I have a pic that resembles #7 of my terrified granddaughter in the clutches of a giant Easter Bunny.
A: What a darling baby.
B. Thank you.
A. And what red hair! You don't have red hair, so I guess it's on the father's side, right?
B. Well, I don't know. He didn't take his hat off!
You can tell this is an old joke, because men don't wear hats any more. I guess to update it I'd have to say he didn't take his cap off!


Cute photos; I like the one of the sleeping baby and the miniature horse.

Taxes are never done here until October (I don't know why - ask mr. kenju). I love St. Paddy's Day. I grew up thinking I was Irish and then found out I am mostly Scots.

Paul Nichols

Hilarious joke! Good one.


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Love photos!!!! My taxes are filed and the refund on its way -- I hope!

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