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My daughter and son-in-law just got back from Scotland. They brought me some dark chocolate Kit Kats. Talk about yummy!

Kay Dennison

Do you know why there's no 12-step program for chocoholics!!!! NOBODY wants to quit!

And yessssssssss I'm a chocoholic!!!!


Whoa, take a breath girl. You obviously were on a sugar high when you wrote this.

Kay has it right!

Cop Car

Dark chocolate is my favored form; but, have at it with milk chocolate, since that is more to your liking.

As to the pictured "treats": fortunately, perhaps, not one of them looks remotely tempting to me.

Ms Agatha Crumm always said that, "Too much is never enough." She, however was talking about money. I think you could make the same statement...about chocolate!

Cop Car

Tara R.

The peanut butter cake looks awesome! I'm so glad to hear about the benefits of milk chocolate. I've heard about dark, but I don't care for dare chocolate. Milk chocolate rawks!!


You really made my day. Now I can indulge without guilt. I am an unreformed chocoholic and don't intend to change. Milk or dark; I love it all.

If you combine chocolate with caramel and throw in a few nuts I am in heaven.


Dear Joy ~~Naturally I love chocolate too, but have to be careful as my diabetes blood tests
are up a bit. Darn it. Have always heard that dark chocolate was good for us, but the milk is much nicer.
I loved the look of your pancakes
but couldn't believe a hot beef sundae. Thanks for your comment on Peter's post I asked him to explain my absence. I hated not having the internet for over a week. All fixed now.
I hope Joe had a great birthday.
Sounds like a wonderful son, which is lovely for you my friend.
Take great care dear Joy and ease up on the chocolate just a little.
Much Love, Merle.


I should be one of the healthiest people in town!! This news is actually more exciting than the news that eggs had been given a bad rap for years and years. I've always thought that if you 'crave' something, then your body must need whatever is in that food. Nature's way of giving you what you need to stay healthy and balanced. I don't eat chocolate every day but do crave it once in a which time I'm more than happy to oblige my cravings. (snicker).


This is a post to my liking – chanting the joys of chocolate. I love dark chocolate and the European kind as it is not as sweet and often is flavored with liquor, like Rhum or Grand Marnier. Belgian chocolate is one of the greatest I believe.


Umm, yes Joy. All that stuff is also good for you...


I knew it! Gotta go shopping

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