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I'm first. I'm first. I had just come by to comment on your last post and saw that you had a new one up. I love the photos.

We do find ourselves in that dilemma of wanting to get to Medicare, but not really wanting to, don't we. I arrived there three years ago! Happy birthday anyway. Sarah's birthday is the 20th.

She walked by as I was reading the witty sayings that you have at the bottom of your post. I hadn't read them in a long time and got a big laugh again. They are so funny and so true.

I hope your daughter and family are still at DisneyWorld. It's beautiful out today, still cool, but very bearable. The warming trend is starting.


Hi Joy, Happy Birthday... although as you suggested it would be nice to be able to put the brakes on how quickly they come around.
Another great poem for my file of "Bloggers Poetry"


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Joyyyyyy. Happy birthday to you.


(photos are FABULOUS.)


I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Joy!!


Dear Joy Have a wonderful birthday my dear friend and enjoy the evening with some of your family.
The photos are great and so are the sayings. Thanks for sharing them. I am glad the roads are fairly clear so driving is safe, We had a cool change after our heatwave and a little rain. Yesterday was 41C and today 25C
so hope we have a few more before the next heatwave. The fire risk has eased thank goodness. Take care, Joy and again Happy Happy
Birthday. You are as young as you feel. Love and Hugs, Merle.


Have a wonderful birthday, Joy, and I wish you many many more...happy, healthy ones. I've been on Medicare for almost a year and I still don't understand it. An office visit that was previously $10 is now $74. Same doctor, same things done. I've been seeing him for over 10 years, he is an ophthalmologist. You'd think the older we get and the more often our age group has to see doctors, it would be made easier and cheaper for us. Maybe its just me....maybe I'm having a mental block. Now what were we talking about....? Oh yeah, Happy Birthday dear friend..... and I loved the pictures, they were great! Big hugs. xo


Will you get a load of those kids!?? They were just rug rats! Where has the time gone?

Joy, I've accepted the changes that have come with age without a lot of whining, but I have to tell you, loosing my hair irritates me more than I can tell you. I knew from looking at my mother that it was possible that I'd be "follicly" challenged, but I kept hoping that I had Dad's genes....and would have lots of hair for the rest of my life. No such luck. :-(

I'm delighted to hear that you like trivia games. I LOVE Trivial Pursuit, and the word games like "Blurt" and "Taboo" and "Facts in Five." Just don't ask me if there is such a word as "follicly" or how it's spelled.

Happy Birthday, Joy! Have a wonderful time celebrating!


What a wonderful blog, Joy. Great pictures of a lovely family, a chuckle or two and a Birthday coming up.

Happy, Happy Birthday. Don't bemoan 65. I am nearly 20 years older and still going strong, weakly. ;-)

Average Jane

Happy Birthday!

Junie Rose

Happy Birthday, Joy- today and on your day of celebration!

Oh-I loved seeing all those pictures of you and your kids! I can see you were all enjoying being together!



Alan G

Happy Birthday Joy!

Getting to age 65 was somewhat like reaching age sixteen. At age 16 it was the driver's license - at age 65 it was Medicare.

It would appear that your little grandaughter and I share similar baking styles. That counter top looks eerily familiar.

storyteller at Small Reflections

Happy belated birthday. I love your poem ... it resonates mightily because I'm turning 65 on the 23rd of February and am currently dealing with Medicare sign up and decisions about 'supplemental' coverage. What a challenge! I wrote about it at Sacred Ruminations on Tuesday in my Morning Musings.

I love all the family photos and the TRUTH 'gems' ... thanks for the chuckles.
Hugs and blessings,


Joy, I have an award for you on my blog. Copy the gadget at the bottom of the pictures on the right and read the information on my post.

I love this post and I am especially fond of the picture of you with your granddaughter. I know they hated to see you leave.

Happy Birthday again. May the coming year find you in good health, wealth and much happiness.


Belated happy birthday. Great photos

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