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Joy, that is a beautiful poem and it contains so much truth.

You should publish your poems; they are that good!!!


Beautiful poem, Joy. Glad you're back.


It is beautiful and it IS important!! I agree you should publish!


That's beautiful, should write more. Hope you're warm and comfy. God Bless. xo

Kay Dennison

Lovely, Joy!!!!!!!!!


It is wonderful to have an ability to write poetry such as this. You are truly gifted and I can not think of a better poem to begin a conference dealing with childhood education.

Small Reflections

I do enjoy your poetry as much as your creative narratives and have resolved to drop by more often so I benefit from your wisdom. Your poem reminds me why I spent so many years in the classroom ... and makes me consider what I might do for the children now that I'm retired. Thanks ;-)
Hugs and blessings,


That is so truly lovely, Joy. I wish there was a way to have it posted in every city/town square, and yelled from every single rooftop.

Throughout history there are times when mankind's greatest yearning was for peace, or for a stock market increase, or for a new government. That is all so minor when our greatest yearning should be to love and uphold all children in every possible way, every single day. (now you've got me rhyming).

Junie Rose


That is such a wonderful poem!
This may be the best ting I've read from you! (have to show this to my sister,"Joy",too!)


Junie Rose


You get a double post-PLUS-a bad typo! Sorry! :)



I guess we can continue to hope that our efforts in life have made a difference and that better times may be coming.
Keep at it, Joy!

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