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Awwwww....thank you Joy and another big hug and thank you for the kind things you said about me. You know these one-word meme's are harder than they look....especially for someone like me who loves to talk. LOL. I will display it proudly and pass it on. xo




1) Why didn't I get to take Jory out for lunch. She was in my town, after all.

2) Also, I could drive her to the airport ya know. I'm sure Joe doesn't want to spend any time with his sister.


Kay Dennison

Glad you liked the Award, Joy!!!!!

Tara R.

Congrats on your award... and I loved your answers to #23 and #33. I thought I was the only person who liked shopping at the drug store. Or you're also like me in that you have so many Rx you rattle.''

How nice that you got to spend some quality time with your daughter.


Loved my award and like Val said so beautifully, it is hard to do one word answers when you love to talk. Anyway, thank you for giving me something to do on the third rainy day in a row which is quite unusual for a desert area.


Dear Joy ~~ Thank you so much for the award - that was so nice of you.
I will pass it on and answer the
questions in a day or so. Thank you
for the nice things you said about me.
Thanks also for your comments and I am glad you liked the way Sam, the female koala was remembered. She even has pink socks on.
Take care, dear friend. Much love, Merle.


Isn't it wonderful to be ale to spend time with one of your girls? I'm glad you had that time.

Good answers on the award. You are so welcome (and deserving).

storyteller at Small Reflections

Always enjoy learning more about you ... love your response to #12! Glad you got to spend time with Jory and congrats on the award.
hugs and blessings,

vibram five fingers shoes

How nice that you got to spend some quality time with your daughter.

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