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Just as I was reading all the bad news about your leak and you having to get new siding and all,my cursor landed on that black cat and all I heard was this loud purring.

It struck me so funny;that damned cat being so happy in the midst of your house troubles.

So,if that was MY cat there would be no Fancy Feast tonight,just dry old Nibbles and Bits or something like that till she learned to show a little concern for you......


Sorry about the house repairs, but you know, it's always something!!

Love the dog quotes.


It does seem like repairs come along at the most unexpected and unwelcome times. Not much way around them either. Glad yours will be done soon and you have someone trustworthy to do them


I hear ya. I've been giving serious thought to selling and getting a condo but then I realize that I may not like the neighbors and they are pretty close in a condo. Plus now my home is only worth half of what it was worth 2 years ago. Its a dilemma every woman has, along with the fear of getting taken advantage of because most of us know nothing about home repairs or auto repairs. If I had a young girl now, I would seriously try to get her to take these subjects in school. I fear my next major purchase is going to be a new roof....its been quite a few years since I've had that done. Big hugs Joy...I know this is stressful. xo

Kay Dennison

Argh!!!!!!!!! I don't own my place -- I just live in fear of Miss Ruby needing repairs. I'm glad you seem to be handling it well. It sounds like you have excellent help and that's a blessing!!


Wish I had a handyman. Oh well, better to get things fixed now before they cause worse problems and the timing's always off ey?


I always say that trying to keep this old body and an old house going is getting very expensive. I feel for you, Joy, as I just got a lot of minor repairs done when the heat pump started acting up. Before I had that fixed (Do you know those guys get $75 an hour here?) one of the toilets and my shower faucets started leaking. It's never ending.

The dog jokes are hilarious and if you have ever owned a dog you are sure that's what they must be thinking. I love the cute puppy photo.

Junie Rose

Ahhh-Joy- so sorry you are having more house repair problems!

:) all of those doggy jokes were really funny!


Alan G

Well I don't envy you but we've all been there I suppose. Every now and then I get the urge to sell my house and move into some maintenance free/worry free apartment or something, but in the long run, repairs and all, living in my house is the cheapest way out since it is paid for. So I guess I'll just spend the rest of my days here.

I am thinking about getting one of those Wal-Mart caskets though for my living room. I may have to get rid of my couch to make room however.

Loved the little doggie quips...


Cute doggie comments. Thanks for the chuckle.
I think that every house is ready to take any extra dollars from your pocket.

Glad you have someone you trust to do the work.


Tara R.

We have a few home repairs to do too, but have kept putting it off. I'm not looking forward to the noise or the expense.

The dog comments are so true... we have dogs and cats. With the cats it's more like they are just tolerating us.


Buddy really, really agrees with the doggie comments. He says they are all true.

I am glad the repairs are over.

Cop Car

Joy--You are smart, smart, smart to take care of your problem before it gets bigger/worse. Kudos! Sorry to have missed my regular rounds, lately. Good to "see" you.

Val--Thirty-some odd years ago, I fought (verbally/logically) the Superintendent of Schools to get our daughters into shop classes. I learned a lot of things from my electrician father; but, they didn't have that advantage and I felt they needed to know more about using tools than I did. I won, by the way!

Alan G--I gotta come see your living room after you install your new purchase from Walmart. Wow! You and Abbigail (from the original NCIS).

Paul Nichols

Well, don't keep me in suspense. How's the fix-it project going? Those guys still there yelling at each other, or does the whole place now look and feel safe and secure? Hope so.

Your dog stuff reminded me of a dirty joke. One of the funniest I ever heard, but...

(PS I wasn't listening on purpose.)


Dear Joy ~~ I am so sorry that you have more expense before Christmas,
but we have to do these repairs or
things get worse.
Peter arrived this evening (Wed) and we are both on our computers.
He is pretty tired after his long trip, so we won't be up too late
(not like you) I try to get to bed by midnight, but often it is later. Take care, Love, Merle.


I nearly went into shock when I read you were once again dealing with "water-in-the-house" syndrome -- even if it was just a bit by comparison to your previous indoor swimming pool conversion. I'm still haunted with nightmares of you running around your coffee table to combat the problem. Am glad you're getting this new challenge to sanity (designed to empty the pocketbook) resolved before you resort to even more drastic measures than you took before.

It's about time we heard what the dogs are thinking and gained a little perspective from their point of view.

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