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oh my gosh......I know what you mean. I never realized just how much time I spent on the computer until I didn't have one for those 3 days. I'm wondering about your virus protection Joy. It should have kept those off your machine. I will send you email. Do you do backups? Make sure you scan your backups so you don't reinfect yourself.


If I could get paid for the time I spend on the computer, I'd be rich in no time at all!! Sorry about your virus.


Good advice - I have a Mac, and they don't seem to have as much trouble with viruses, but that doesn't mean we can't get one.



That always worries me too but so far anything I have gotten, the virus checker has been able to delete. I do try to keep all my important files on those little jump drives just in case. Like you, I am lost without it as it's my main communication to even newspapers today.


Isn't it maddening when the computer acts up? I have a different problem. It takes forever to buffer a video or download a photo. I spend more time waiting for things to show up than I do reading my e-mail. My daughter tried to fix it, she completely removed windows and I started from scratch, the telephone techies made things worse, and my guru can't fix it. I have just given up.


I got a computer virus about a year ago. I managed to clean it up myself but I've since bought an external hard drive to backup files just in case.


So sorry Joy about the computer problem. Glad you got it fixed.
Mr chancy did not have such good luck. His computer died. It had been acting really strange lately. Our son, who is very skilled with computers took Sam's computer home with him and sad to say he determined it was DOA. So we will need to buy a new hard drive. Hubby had back up so all is not lost.

Good to know about Best Buy and Geek Squad. I have used GS in home once but I am sure they have more expert diagnostic tools in the shop.



LOL and PS:

When I previewed my comment this is what I read before correcting:

"I had been acting really strange lately"

(well, that too)

Tara R.

I'm such a techo-neophyte I would have no clue what to do with a computer virus.

I do have Mac computers and they claim to virus-proof, fingers crossed on that.

Glad you were able to get the problem fixed.


Been there, done that. Hate it. Fortunately, I have a techie niece who cleaned out most of the junk. Moral, back up, set restore points, get a Mac. Okay, I did two out three, just can’t afford a Mac.


What a nightmare. I know what it is like and fear having another virus at sometime, but my dear, with that very creative mind of yours, you turned the whole thing into poetry. Not many folks can do that so I dub you, "Poetry Geek" and bow before you and all your talent.

Junie Rose

What a pain, ehh?

Glad you got help and got all fixed up again! :)

...Also-I loved that poem!!


Cop Car

Joy--I'm so sorry for the anguish the little viruses put you through. Fie on them! Jump drives are wonderful, but the only virus that I ever had a problem with came off of a jump drive of Hunky Husband's that I had off-loaded a file from!
It is my understanding that no one anti-virus can always catch all viruses; so, had you had a different anti-virus application, it may have just left you with a different virus.
Too, I don't think it true that a Mac cannot catch a virus. It is just that most of the idiots who manufacture the viruses know that they can cause more havoc in Windows-based systemes - because there are so many more of them.
Keep your chin up. A thought: before we send you to Betty Ford, perhaps you should see if you can do without a computer one day/week. (You know that I couldn't resist!)

Happily Retired Gal

I'm soooo relieved to know this virus didn't do horrible damage. Of course we're all susceptible even though we're careful. I'm not sure how I'd do w/o my computer, but fortunately I have my OLD Dell along the newer laptop ... and hopefully both wouldn't be on the fritz at the same time.

I did enjoy your clever poem. Reading it reminds me how much I enjoy visiting you and I need to figure out a way to drop by more often. I've opened my reader today for the first time in AGES and am visiting folks I've not checked out in a very long time ... but there's no telling when I'll open it again. I've been trying to decide what to do about my blogs because trying to keep up with all 4 leaves me scattered and unfocused. Actually all I've done for quite some time now is post some photographs (often mosaics) with a bit of Haiku ... but I trust I'll eventually figure out what I want to do with them.
Hugs and blessings,


Really enjoyed your poem! I sure hope to avoid any viruses. Think it helps that I use Firefox and not Windows.

"...but I didn’t really do any things around the house that I could have done….hmmm, another lost opportunity." The story of my life in recent years.

I think I've jettisoned my obsessive computering and regained my sanity for using it much less. We'll see.


Glad you got your computer fixed without any loss of data Joy, and YES it does say something about you, and all of us who are so computer dependant nowadays.


Yeah, what to say. You know you are not the only one.
It's terrible when your computer is really bad attacked.

I don't know how you have organized your e-mail, if you open attachements etc.
I have a "Spam" mailbox and I never open attachements or e-mails from senders I do not know. Unless I'm sure I can trust the sender.
I'm using Norton 360 and my yahoo mail has a virus scan, also attachments At work we use Lotus Notes, which checks the most for unwanted programming.

Have a nice weekend.

btw. I'm back with my ABC in English and Norwegian

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