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One word says it all:



What a magical poem. It is just so special. I will re-read it when more time allows so that I can more fully appreciate the lovely message.


Very nice, Joy!

Tara R.

This was beautiful. It makes me want to call my best friend from school. So many people come in and out of our lives, who remain with us even when they are no longer near us.


What a great way to look at life.


and I'll be back

Paul Nichols

Great job. Oh, and, uh...well, here I am. Ta-da!


You are indeed a talented poet.



Hello Dear Joy ~~Wonderful poem my
friend, thank you. I also enjoyed the previous post and I totally agree "Why didn't Noah swat those 2 mosquitoes?" and your posts bout BlogHer were interesting. Busy Busy Joy. Thanks for your comments and we were all sad for Sam, but she is not suffering any more. It is always nice to have family and friends visit. The school holidays go by quickly, they always did. I have been having great difficulty starting my computer, nut managed to put a small post on tonight. Take great care, my friend and don't overdo the work. Love, Merle.


Beautiful thought. I just had a friend do a rune reading for me and the first thing on the list for my life to incorporate more, to judge all against, was joy.


Hello again Dear Joy ~~ Thank you so much for your sweet comments and I am glad you liked the old photo of Mum and her three kids and she looked so happy. It is almost lunch time, Monday and so far no computer man. "Lord give me patience, and give it to me NOW." I am sure you will outlast your computer, with your lovely family around you.
Take care, dear friend,Much Love, Merle.


Yes, it seems that when people are around I take their presence for granted and even let myself get tired and irritated, and when they are gone I miss them.
I'm learning to "do" less in the way of activities and just "be" with them more.


Bless you for your writing that touches the heart of every mother.

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