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Oh boy....I hope you have caught up on your rest....amazing how our legs and hips complain after we reach a certain age! There is a lot I can no longer do just for that reason. It sure sounds like you had a wonderful, albeit exhausting, time. And how proud you had to have felt to see both your daughters right in the middle of all the action! Take care Joy....Hugs.

Cop Car

Thanks for another guffaw, Joy! I forwarded most of it on to Hunky Husband.


All very funny. I am still wishing that Noah had swatted the mosquitoes and the gnats, too!


Oh My I am laughing out loud about the men's thumbs and I am sending this to Mr Chancy.

After watching that Levitra commercial with the close up of the guy (lover boy) with the huge nose, I wonder if the thumb equation also applies to men's noses? :)


Oh this is so funny. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in the humor.

I love the one about con being the opposite of pro and Congress being the opposite of progress. That one really rings a bell.


What great entertainment. I'd like to tell you which I liked best, but I liked them all.

Thanks so much for the big smile.



There is something that has always puzzled me. Why do people selling their houses put tacky for sale signs outside them? It's like saying, oh you are walking or driving by and maybe you'd like to buy my house.


I'm having trouble with my typing Joy, I guess its these small hands of mine.

Paul Nichols

..and how come a container of sour cream has an expiration date?

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