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Really enjoyed these pics. I'll vote for your "little guy" by the front window -- so cute!


Ah, you beat me to it. I got these in email last week and was going to problem. LOL

Junie Rose

These are amazing and very beautiful!!




So beautiful. Thanks.


Your "little guy" would look wonderful. The clock reminds me of the one in Edinburgh.


Beautiful gardens Joy, I liked the frames you put around your photos too.

Tara R.

Those topiaries are amazing! I have a hard time keeping the mow line in my yard straight! Wow!


that is sooo awesome!!
the person mantaing the gardens does it with so much care and love, i havent seen anything so beautifully done!!!


Oh I don't know now that there is a news story about a pre-schooler who was dragged into the water. Her hand was badly bitten before her father could rescue her. The sweet little seals don't look so sweet anymore.

Better you should plant a topiary that looks like a dove of peace LOL



These topiaries are just beautiful and so interesting. Thanks for posting them.

I have a lovely Crepe Myrtle in my yard and it blooms from Mid July until frost. I am starting to notice a lot of CM's in my neighborhood lately. It was thought at first that CM wouldn't flourish North of Maryland but they must have developed a hardier type because now I see it all over the area and it is very attractive.


I have never seen anything alike.
It's amazing how clever these gardeners must be.

Thank's for sharing these wonderful photos




Thank you, Joy, for those fabulous photos of the gardens. As I scrolled down I said, "this one is my favorite" and then I scrolled down to another and so it kept on until I have decided I love them all. I can't pick a favorite but I do think that dragon is splendid.


Joy, I just tagged you for a Meme. You know, of course, if you are too busy or just don't want to do it, you can simply ignore the tag.


WHERE in MOntreal are these Gardens? Can anyone give us the ADDRESS of the place so we can visit? :) thank you - we are here on a short visit to celebrate our wedding anniversary today Sept.7th.
It would be great if we can go there ...

Cop Car

Thanks for sharing the photos of the garden with us. While topiaries are cute, they can't compete (in my eye) to a lovely plant that hasn't been put to the torture! However, you get to please your own tastes and wonts in your own yard. Go for the little critter!


I never have seen the like. That is super topiary. I guess they go wild for green in the summer months up there.


Hello Dear Joy ~~ Thanks for posting those lovely photos from the gardens at Montreal. They are just spectacular and the gardeners have great talent.
I am so sorry you had that virus and no computer, but wasn't for too long.
I am glad you had a good Labor Day
relaxing and computering and then Joe and Jen, so it all sounded nice.
I am glad the weather is to your liking and as Autumn (Fall) is
your favorite season. I think I like Spring best seeing new color and flowers after the winter.
Take great care, dear friend.
Love, Merle.

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