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This all sounds like great fun. Some year I'll make it to one of these.


Hello, Joy! I happened to see Jory's post excited you two will get to experience BlogHer together. (And Julie, too, of course.) LOVE the "about" photo in your sidebar...from Jory's wedding? You both look so beautiful. Sorry I've been AWOL...the last year has been kind of crazy. But I've dipped my toe back into blogging and hope to start reading here regularly again. I've missed you! I've thought of you often and will be thinking of you this weekend. I KNOW you'll have a wonderful time--enjoy it! Much love.


I hope I am one of the people at BlogHer09 who gets to come up and say, "Are you Joy?" and give you a hug!


Joy, I know you will have a great time. Look up Mamacita and tell her kenju said hello!

Tara R.

This will be my first conference. I had planned to attend the mini tour in NOLA last year but Hurricane Gustav had another idea.

I am so excited, I don't think I will sleep for two days.

I hope to find you at the conference. It's been a pleasure getting to meet you here and getting to put a face to the name woul be wonderful.


I'm so sad I'm gonna miss it this year - and with it in my own city no less! Too many other priorities, though. :( BUT - ENJOY! It makes me smile to think about you together with your girls. And from what I witnessed last year, Jory does indeed run a tight ship and look fabulous while doing it! :)

Can't wait to hear about the details.


I'd so love to be there and finally meet you. I'm angling with work to get to go to a conference for work that's held in Chicago just before BlogHer usually - so you never know - my wish may come true next year.

Average Jane

Looking forward to seeing you again!


I'm really looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer! Any friend of Judy's's is a friend of mine!


Wow! It sounds like great fun ahead. Enjoy every moment.


OMG you're coming to my Geek Lab session? Just kidding - come, it will be fun, you can help answer typepad questions since it's been ages since I've worked with typepad. :-)


Enjoy your exciting weekend with your two beautiful and talented daughters.


I'm sure you are having a wonderful time. I'd love to get to one of these conventions some day.


This sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to reading all about it.....with pictures, of course :)


I'm so happy I got to meet you Joy!

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