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Cop Car

If it helps you, just think how many people find employment fulfilling the fantasies of those whose money exceeds their abilities to spend!

In my whole life, I've climbed lots of trees--some accessed from a porch roof or attic window--but, I don't recall actually ever seeing a tree house. I'm thinking they were an urban/rural legend, for the most part.


Oh, but aren't they adorable?


They are adorable. I have seen a few playhouses around here. One year when I was working on a charity ball, once of the items in the auction was a fancy playhouse and the amount given for the worth of it was astounding! When I was a child, my playhouse was an old chicken coop that my dad cleaned out for me. Not nearly so fancy as these, it was nevertheless loved.

Tara R.

There is an annual playhouse contest near Seaside Florida every year. Very elaborate, very unique. They are auctioned off for charity. I would love to have one of those playhouses, for ME.

My kids on the other hand, would have preferred the couch cushions forts we made when they were young.

Kay Dennison

They're cute but I still like the ones we used to build ourselves out of old blankets, etc.


Dear Joy ~~What amazing play houses
so elaborate. I was happy to read about Julie's books and her lovely
dedications, and her award. Thank you so much for your kind words and comments and I am so sorry I have been so long answering. The story of Faith the dog who walked on his hind legs was amazing. And I did enjoy having Peter here for the few days, wish he had stayed longer, but I realize he was keen to get home after so long. I also enjoyed having two granddaughters stay a couple of nights. And another one called at
Easter. I hope you had a lovely Easter, dear Joy. Take care of
yourself my friend. Much Love, Merle.


Some boys built a platform in a tree on my grandmother's property. It was on the far end of the grounds and hidden from the Lodge and I don't think my grandmother even knew it was there. We called it a tree house, but it wasn't anything like the elaborate cottages in your photos.

I may be old fashioned, but I think the children of today have way too many material things and when a play house is a replica of a real mansion, what is left for them to imagine?


My two older brothers had built a tree house, a real old fashioned, homemade one at that. They let me climb up only one time. They were probably worried that baby sister might fall out.



Pretty nifty "play houses" Joy, but like a few others I would prefer the modest efforts we constructed ourselves.
I can't believe that you were uncomfortable with the "tree house" concept having raised a brood of kids in more relaxed times than now and grown up in the REAL "good old days" when we actually played in the dirt.


My grandkids love the houses they make out of tables and blankets. My problem with those fancy houses is that they stultify a child's imagination.

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