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This is a great post Joy. Love it.


Love the story. When my younger daughter was about 10, she had been taught "giving the finger" by her older siblings. We were in the car and some guy almost came into my lane and I had to swerve. She raised her had and shot him the bird (I was appalled, and had no idea she knew about that) and he turned out to be a crazy maniac, who chased us at least 5 miles down the road, until we were stopped at the same light, side by side. He motioned for me to roll down the window and read me the riot act for "letting" her do that, and threatened to ram our car, etc.

I couldn't believe he got so upset over the actions of a 10 year old. I think she learned a valuable lesson that day!!


I am never putting my snow shovel away, never. We have snow scheduled for Monday, too.

I've noticed there are a lot of grouchy drivers in this part of the world, more here than anywhere else I've ridden. I'm getting used to it. Sort of.

Tara R.

The only time I have actually told anyone off, to the point I could be heard, has been when someone leaves a dog locked inside a hot car. I've even called the police on occasion.

I hope your snow finally disappears and leaves only sunshine and warm temps.


You took a bit of a risk talking to that @@#$%$%^&*&*(() guy Joy, glad it turned out OK.


Boy. Last straws. I've thought a lot about last straws lately, as politicians and pundits try to tell us all to "calm down" about the economy. What they don't get is that the AIG story was the last straw for us - from the War in Iraq, to unemployment, decreasing investments and pensions, to bailouts. We've had it. I think more and more of us will "lose it" in parking lots and other places as those last straws are dropped on us.

Junie Rose

Oh my! The man probably regretted all of that after it happened...even tho he DID have reason to be upset!

Sometimes we ALL lose it!



I wish I had the opportunity to 'let fly' at the person who cut me off on an inside lane years ago. I had to swerve in such a severe way to keep from rear ending him that my car crossed the median strip and I ended up going to opposite direction on the other side of the highway. It could have been disastrous, but someone was looking out for me as that happened in the only break in rush hour traffic that occurred. The jerk kept on driving down the street oblivious to the near accident he caused. I would love to have had the opportunity to tell him he was the last straw in my work day.


Such irate people frighten me. What good did his venting do.And he could have had a stroke.

Not worth it.

Road rage= danger.


Well he sounds crazy to me.
I have crazy people who can be so nice and then crazy angry out of control the next.
But yes, we all have had our last straw break - good points.

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