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Oh I am all "even you can't do that and you're Donny Trump" (Clay quote.)

Joan Rivers FACE!!!


I haven't watched it, but now I guess I will have to give it at least a quick view next week.


I used to watch that show, but I quit several seasons ago. I agree with everything you said about the people, especially Joan and her daughter. It seems they can never be apart anymore. Her daughter would never be on TV if it weren't for her. They are all just looking for publicity.


I agree with Judy..Melissa would be spraying perfume on unsuspecting people at Saks if she was not Joan's daughter.

I also agree with Joy. I used to like to watch Joan. She really was very funny.What finally turned me off to the two of them was at Melissa"s wedding.Joan had spent millions of Dollars on the wedding so when she walked down the aisle as the Mother of the Bride, the orchestra played " Hey,Big Spender". UGH!~

BUT, now you KNOW, I have to watch this thing next week.Can't help it, Joy. You have piqued my curiousity....


I intended to watch this season only because of the stars. Time got away from me and I missed it. After reading your post I realized I didn't miss a thing :)

Perhaps you can watch it for us and give us a weekly update. This will save all of us the grief of watching, lol


So sorry. I have never watched the show and probably never will after reading your post.

As for Joan Rivers, I have never found her appealing and she turns me off and then I turn the TeeVee off after seeing her for two seconds.


Joan's wax statue in Madame Toussard's has a more lifelike expression than poor Joan has in real life.

Her face has been pulled back so tight she doesn't have enough skin left to blink her eyes....


Andrew Dice Clay?! Is he still around? Yuk.


It doesn't sound like a nice evenings' entertainment from your description.



Dear Joy ~~ It sounds like a strange show to me. But maybe it is better than it sounds. I agree about Joan Rivers, she used to be funny, but not so nowadays. I don't think I'd like to eat off a toilet either, strange idea that one. Thank so much for your comments and I am feeling a little better. My son Geoff does a lot of my gardening, planting things, weeding etc a terrific
help. I AM being good dear Joy, soI hope you are too. Take care Much Love, Merle.

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