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Jory Des Jardins

Mom! Nana and I just popped in. How funny, seeing that you just wrote about us. We're having a ball. I never had dinner at noon before. There's a first time for everything. We're working on the computer. She's got quite the setup!

Tara R.

I've been spending the day outside enjoy an early Spring in NW Florida. I am so ready for full-blown spring.

I hope your daughter and her Nana have a wonderful visit.


I guess I will have to wait until it's on Netflix before seeing The Brotherhood. I never watch American Idol so can't comment.

Jory is wonderful to help her Nana with computer. I wish I had a Jory.


I hope my granddaughters will come and visit when they're old enough to do it on their own steam.

I agree with you on Idol. They're losing too many good people, but I'll bet some of our faves will show back up in the wild card round. I like the new judge!


Darn, I would have loved to meet Nana. I should have gone to visit her when I was still in Florida!

And, isn't the snow pretty?! hahaha! I drove to the Navy base during a bit of a lull in it this morning. I swept 4" off of my little car before I left (yes I measured before I knocked it off, hahaha.)


I don't watch Idol; I don't have Showtime; I don't know snow.

Having a visit from a granddaughter would be wonderful. I hope I live to be 92 to experience I do the visiting, and often!

How nice that your daughter was able to visit her nana and help her with her computer.

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