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Kay Dennison

Amen! Amen!


Dear Joy ~~ I watched as much as I could also and I do hope President
Obama has great success in fixing some of the problems. It will take time as there are many problems, and I hope peopledon't expect miracles. I hope God will guide him and keep him safe and strong. He is
bringing hope to the whole world. Take great care of yourself, dear friend, glad you liked The Righht Place. Love, Merle.

Cop Car

Dear Joy--Glad you enjoy such spectacles. I've never appreciated saturation broadcasting by radio OR TV, so I've yet to see any footage from the inaugural (or any other inaugural, for that matter). Instead, I covered the front desk and phones so that others could saturate their eyeballs and ears. To each her own! ; )


Your loss of "dad" struck a chord with me. Both mom & dad went away before age 10. My regret is that my children missed their smiles, touch and love, justy having their grandparents. I believe they both look down & smile at us. The longing never ceases. Take good care of "you" dear one! :) (:) a smile & a hug for tomorrow !

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